Charo Santos Husband Age Gap In Years

The Filipino actress, media executive and host rose to stardom through her many talents but do you know about Charo Santos husband age gap? Well, I can assure you that their age difference will shock you!

María Rosario Navarro Santos-Concio or Charo Santos-Concio or Charo Santos marked herself as one of the most celebrity figures in the Philippines through her ground-breaking journey as an actress and then through her excellent hosting capabilities in one of the longest-running television series in Asia: Maalaala Mo Kaya. Though there is no doubt that she is indeed a successful woman, her love life is also up for the talk besides her many achievements, as she and her husband have a huge age gap of twenty-five years.

Curious to know more? Here is all that you need to know about Charo Santos husband age gap! Just keep on reading.

Charo Santos Husband Age Gap

There are 24 years of an enormous age gap between Charo Santos and her husband, Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr.

Charo Santos Husband Age Gap: 
Charo Santos Husband Age Gap:

Yes, it is what it is! The current chief content officer and president of ABS-CBN University “Charo Santos” fell in love with a man twice her age and married the said businessman on November 9th, 1983.

It was an intimate ceremony with only close friends and family members invited. However, they probably did it to maintain their privacy, as both parties decided to keep their marriage secret first to avoid having unwanted media attention and criticism from the masses because of their 24 years age gap.

How Old was Charo Santos when She First met her Husband?

They met each other in the 80s when she was a fast-rising model and an actress in her early 20s.  

How Old was Charo Santos when She First met her Husband?
How Old was Charo Santos when She First met her Husband?

At that time, she was introduced to Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr. as only a print model for his company but unbeknownst to her. Their professional relationship would soon mould into a close friendship to love. 

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She happens to unveil that when they first met,

“Cesar was in his 40s, highly accomplished, so we were eventually introduced, and I found him to be very warm, respectful, gracious, a true gentleman of the old school. I called him Mr. Concio.”

Little did she know that “Mr. Concio” would soon going to be the love of her life and long-term husband in the future:

“I asked God to bless me with a good husband. I didn’t have the tiniest idea that it would be the man standing beside me.”

Charo santos husband age gap: How is Charo Santos Married life?

Charo Santos and her husband are the perfect examples of the phrase “age is just a number” as the two are still going strong after many years of marriage, seeing that they will most probably celebrate their thirty-nine years of togetherness in the coming month of this same year. 

Spending a whopping 39 years of your life with someone is no easy task. Still, the duo has made it seem quite impressive and a smooth sail to the larger audience, as there have been no scandals, no fights and surprisingly, no news about extramarital affairs.

In a report from PUSH, the CEO at ABS-CBN described her husband as her rock and anchor, who not only respects her but has also loved and cherished her as well as her dreams throughout their years of marriage:

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“I guess he’s a selfless man and very happy for all my successes.”

She also revealed that it was her husband who guided her in her journey to become a successful leader of a big corporation – giving her pointers about leadership, a sense of accountability, decision making and, of course, how to learn from your mistakes and overcome challenges.

In conclusion, she added that even though she is very private about her personal life and does not share much about herself, her husband and her children, everyone should know what a great husband Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr.

“He respected me as a woman and as a person. I’m just paying tribute to the man who loved me unconditionally.”

Charo Santos Always had a Preference for Older Guys?

Even though the couple is going more vital than ever, there were many raised eyebrows, and most of them thought their relationship would not survive because of the twenty-four years of age gap once they came out in the open.

This, more or less, led people to question Charo Santos about her choice of men and why she opted to marry a man twice her age when she was only in her 20s and had the chance to have a better and younger match.

The former actress always preferred much older and more mature guys. When asked on Tonight with Boy Abunda about always having her inclination toward older guys, she replied:

“I go for men who can engage me in a conversation. I mean, I go for men with a broad perspective on life, somebody who can excite me and open many doors and opportunities as far as seeing the other side of the world. I go for men with mature minds.”

Also, highlighting afterwards that “there’s this 24-year age gap between Cesar and me,” and they are happy to this day.

How many Children does Charo Santos and Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr. have?

Charo Santos and Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr. have only two sons from their ongoing marriage; The eldest is Cesar Francis Concio, and the youngest son is Martin Concio. 

Although not much is known about it, as Charo Santos’s family tends to avoid the spotlight as much as possible, we know that both of her sons are already married and have children.

Is Charo Santos Husband Still Alive: If Yes, What is Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr.’s Age now?

As far as we know, Charo Santos husband is still alive and living a blissful life with his family.

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Seeing that his wife is 66 years old at present, Charo Santos will most probably be 90 years old.

Charo Santos Husband Age Gap: Age Difference between Charo Santos and Husband Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr.?

There is a twenty-four years of age difference between the two, but their love has endured till now as they are still going strong after 39 years of marriage.

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