Eiza González Boyfriends: Check Actresses Dating History!

When you hear the name of Eiza González Reyna, does Monica “Darling” Castello from the movie “Baby Driver” and Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies” music video come to your mind? Well, even if it does, the Mexican actress and singer is now recently remembered as Jason Momoa’s old flame – yes, it seems like the two broke up after four months of dating. However, her short-lived romance with the Aquaman star has brought the actress’s dating life to public notice, as fans sometimes like to be nosy and want to know more than they should. For instance, Eiza González Boyfriends (whom she dated over the years) – seems to fans an excellent topic to delve head first in.

So, to tame their hunger to know more, we have dug deep down into her dating life. That ultimately led us to discover that our leading lady has dated ten seemingly attractive men.

Here is all information you need to know about Eiza González boyfriends, and now you have to do is to check them out.

Eiza González Boyfriends: Top Ten Past Lovers!

Eiza González Boyfriends: Top Ten Past Lovers!
Eiza González Boyfriends: Top Ten Past Lovers!

Alejandro Fernández (2010)

Fans began questioning the relationship status between Eiza González and the Mexican singer “Alejandro Fernández” when the duo’s pictures surfaced on the internet in 2010. 

The fans noticed that a certain closeness and intimacy marked their photos, as it seemed unlikely for “just friends” to be cozying up to each other in that way.

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However, the actress later denied such rumours, saying that they have between them is “Just friendship; I love him very much” but as a friend.

Pepe Díaz (2011 – 2013)

Pepe Díaz, a Brazilian businessman, was the centre of González’s affection from 2011 to 2013. However, the two ended their three-year-long relationship without explaining their unexpected split.

The actress happened to confirm their break up on her social media platform by highlighting that she is a single lady now. Surprisingly, she unveiled that she has been single “for over a month.”

But what took us by surprise was an audio recording that was released some months later. Which, more or less, revealed the reason behind the break up between the two – Eiza González cheated on her then-boyfriend with his brother, Jorge.

In the audio, she confessed to cheating on Pepe Díaz with this brother. Still, later her representative denied the claim to People en Español and said that the recording was deliberately altered.

Liam Hemsworth (2013)

Shortly after Liam Hemsworth ended his engagement with his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, he was seen making out with Eiza González in Los Angeles in 2013 – although both did not address their dating rumours.

Not only that but they were also spotted partying at a Las Vegas nightclub in that same month, indicating that the Hunger Games star has moved on from Cyrus with the Mexican actress. But, it seems like they were not destined to be together as they called it quits, and Hemsworth reconciled with Miley Cyrus in 2016. (So, it was a rebound, perhaps?) Either way, it is still unknown when the two went their separate ways, and González does not deem it essential to talk about their time as lovers.

She told Latina Magazine in May 2017, “I don’t think it’s necessary” to discuss it at this point.

Further adding that,

“I think your life as a public person is already so exposed. I’m being linked to people because it’s my environment. It’s like your school. We know each other. It’s the people I surround myself with. I don’t know why it’s such a big thing.”

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D.J. Cotrona (2014 – 2015)

We knew there would be room for romance when we witnessed the electrifying chemistry between them on the set of their show “From Dusk Till Dawn.” We were indeed right, as the two began dating in 2014 but did not last long as they went their separate ways in 2015. 

Although the reason is still unclear what happened between them that led to their break up, they are apparently still on good terms as they are still following each other on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo (2016)

Out of Eiza González boyfriends, one of the memorable ones happens to be the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo – they were linked together when the fans saw them in Ibiza. Taking in that she also went to one of his matches in Paris further added fuel to the dating rumours surrounding the two. 

But the duo, on the other hand, did not confirm nor deny whether they ever dated each other or not.

Calvin Harris (2016)

Eiza González again became the fan’s attention when she was linked with DJ Calvin Harris in September 2016 – the two were seen walking arm in arm in Los Angeles. However, E! News reported, on the contrary, highlighting that Calvin Harris was having fun and “living the single life” after his break from the singer Taylor Swift.

According to a reliable source, 

“He [was] not in an exclusive relationship at the moment. He [was] not taking anything too seriously. He [was] still hanging out with Tinashe and [was] talking to Eiza.”

Maluma (2017)

Fans also think that out of Eiza González boyfriends, Maluma was one of them. The dating rumours began to surface in July 2017, when the Colombian singer was spotted with the Mexican actress and singer at a nightclub in Los Angeles after he learned that she was a fan of his music.

Afterwards, they were also seen at LA’s Avenue nightclub the next month, quite close to each other if you ask me. Even though TVNotas revealed that it was “nothing serious” between the two as their strict schedules do not make it possible for either of them to have a stable relationship.

Josh Duhamel (2018)

After his split with Fergie, the “Unsolved” star Josh Duhamel found love in Eiza González. Us Weekly reported that both met at one of the parties after Jennifer Lopez’s pre-Super Bowl show in Minneapolis, MN.

As per a source, 

  • They not only “drank and partied together until very late,” but afterwards, “Josh reached out to a mutual friend and asked for Eiza’s number.” 

Besides that, 

  • The two have also been “FaceTiming and texting nonstop.” 
  • Duhamel goes as far as to confess to González that “he’s never met anyone like her before.”

Unfortunately, even after all that, the two decided to end things in July 2018 as they could not keep up with their relationship because of hectic schedules.

Timothée Chalamet (2020)

Another one of Eiza González boyfriends happens to be none other than Timothée Chalamet. 

This time, her romance with Chalamet was not based on speculations from some parties that they might or might not have attended. But, instead, they emerged after they were caught red-handed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, during a make-out session – two months after Timothée Chalamet split with Lily-Rose Depp.

Jason Momoa (2022)

Of course, the most recent one of her conquest happens to be Jason Momoa:

  • Eiza González and Jason Momoa started to date each other in February 2022.
  • Almost five months after the Aquaman star broke up with her previous girlfriend, Lisa Bonet.
  • Momoa even came to the premiere of González’s movie “The Ambulance,” but their relationship thrived for only four months.

As per People, they split because “they’re just very different people,” but another source shared that they were “hoping they might work it out.” 

Highlighting that,

“They love each other very much, having dated quietly for some time before it became public. They are in different life stages.”

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Eiza González Boyfriends that She Dated Over the Years:

As far as we know, Eiza González has dated or been linked to ten famous people over the years in the Entertainment Industry. However, there is a high probability that there might have been some other secret lovers we do not know of.

But, at present, the famous actress and singer are single.

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