Is Anna From Bling Empire Gay?

Is Anna From Bling Empire Gay?

A socialite, philanthropist and now Netflix series Bling Empire’s most excellent star, Anna Shay is constantly under the spotlight for her lavish lifestyle and grand parties. The mega-wealthy Asian has been in several serious relationships with men, but they all ended after some time. Hence, there are speculations now that the 61-year-old millionaire is gay.

But as Anna confirmed that she’s gay? Or is there any information that confirms her sexual preferences? Here is everything you need to know about Anna’s personal life to find the answer to Is Anna from bling empire gay?

Anna Shay’s Divorce and Breakups 

Anna has tied the knot four times with four different men whose identities she has always kept a secret. None of her marriages worked out, and she got a divorce every time she got married. 

Anna Shay has also revealed that all her marriages and divorces were pleasant. A clear example is how there are no public records of her four divorces being ugly and how neither she nor her exes dragged anyone’s name down the dirt for any extra money or had any scandals when they were together. 

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The rich celebrity has ensured that all her relationships were kept private and away from the public eye. This is why she has never even shared the names of her husbands. Moreover, the 61-year-old is still very gorgeous and fit. Hence, we might see her find her soulmate in the future whom she can marry and spend the rest of her life with.

Is Anna From Bling Empire Gay?

Thanks to Anna Shay’s four divorces, people assume that she is gay. However, this is not the case with the millionaire. 

Is Anna From Bling Empire Gay?
Is Anna From Bling Empire Gay?

The Bling Empire star is very much into men and has married men all four times. She has never dated a woman and has a soft corner for men. So even in the future, we can expect Anna with another man, not a woman, clarifying that she is not gay.

Anna Shay Kids

Anna has a son, Kenny, with one of her ex-husbands. Although the millionaire is still not married to Kenny’s father, she values her son a lot and is willing to do anything for him. She has put a lot of effort into raising him and has helped him become the wonderful person he is today.

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Unlike her relationships, Anna has never kept her son’s identity a secret. She spent a decade looking after him and taking care of the family. But now that Kenny is growing up, the Bling Empire star has more time to focus on herself and be the best version of herself possible. 

Even though Anna is currently single, her son is in a relationship with Nikki Trivino. He has known Trivino since 2011, and the couple is heading toward a severe relationship.

Anna Shay’s Net Worth

Anna Shay is the richest cast member of Bling Empire, a show that revolves around wealthy East Asian socialites living in Los Angeles. She has an estimated net worth of $600 million.

A considerable part of this net worth is due to the fortune her dad left behind for his children. In 2006, the brother-sister duo inherited their father’s stocks. They sold these stocks to Lockheed Martin for a hefty amount of $1.2 billion.

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The wealthiest star of Bling Empire currently enjoys this money as a single woman and shares her lifestyle on her Instagram with an Instagram family of 468k. This is also the only social media platform she uses, and maybe now that she has been a part of a reality show, we will find out the next person that Anna Shay dates.


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