Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley Trial Shifted to a New Date

Here’s everything you need to know about “Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley trail shifted to a new date”.

A few months ago, Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley revealed to the media that it was a heartbreaking time for their family due to the controversy that has entrapped them all. The allegations of fraud and tax evasion have ruined their image for quite some time now. The two finally spoke up about it officially in June of 2022. However, the latest news about this situation is that the Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley trial has now been shifted to a later date. Of course, there are reasons behind this delay. To find out, continue reading the article!

Why Has the Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley Trial been Delayed?

Their trial concerning the evasion case was supposed to proceed this week. However, it will now take place next month. So, now the trial will be held on 21st November instead of 6th October 2022. The court did not object to their appeal for this delay because there were no illegal claims in it. For the sake of ‘good cause’, they now have permission from the Government.

Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley Trial Shifted to a New Date
Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley Trial Shifted to a New Date

But why is this trial taking place in the first place? Well, the couple is in hot water! In June, the federal jury found the Chrisley couple to be guilty of committing fraud and thus being involved in a defraud concerning the United States. Following these claims, both of them appealed to the court for a new trial. According to their appeal, the witness, Betty Carter, lied about the case. His testimony was fake, according to the Chrisleys, as Julie never knew that the taxes were due in that certain year.

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Due to this false statement of, Betty Carter, their case took a huge blow. Hence they have pleaded with the court for one more chance. Their appeal also objected to the court’s acceptance of this evidence which led to a violation of their Fourth Amendments rights. After the legal proceedings, which lasted for three weeks, both Todd and Julie were awarded with 30 years of jail time. The reason behind this punishment is for meddling with proof, as the couple is alleged to have burned the official documents and also gone as far as forging documents. Thus they were guilty of submitting false documents to the court.

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To this claim, the couple tried to clear their name by saying that Mark Braddock went behind their back to do all of this under Todd’s name. After this, Todd fired this employee, who put them in great danger. This happened way back in 2012. Both Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley have issued their personal statements about how much the wrongdoings of Braddock have affected them in their lives. To be put in such a grave situation, the whole family is trying hard to cope up with it. However, they are still standing strong, waiting for justice to be served rightly.

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Todd denied these allegations in 2019 as well. So, it is safe to say that the whole problem started in 2012 when their employee betrayed them. But it is still not clear whether their statements regarding this incident are 100% legit. Hence it is better to wait until the court’s next hearing, which will be next month. They are not the only ones who are in this mess. Their accountant Peter Tarantino is also an equal part. The court has accused him of defrauding the Government of the United States with false tax returns.

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Todd, who is 53 and Julie, who is 49, are surely going through a rough patch. Now it remains to be seen what will happen in their case on 21st November 2022. For now, this was everything that you needed to know about the Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley trial. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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