What Is Sara Lee’s Cause Of Death?

Here’s everything you need to know about Sara Lee’s cause of death!

The grief and sadness one feels at losing a loved one are unimaginable. Not to mention that it is even hard to break such heartbreaking news to people out there who once had a close connection with the person who has left this world for good. Thus, being the bearer of sad news, we, with great sorrow, have to break this shocking revelation to all of her fans worldwide that “Sara Ann Lee” is no longer with us now. 

The sudden death of the renowned American television personality and professional wrestler has left the world with inconsolable grief but has also left many with the unanswered question: what was Sara Lee’s cause of death? 

Seeing that the thirty-year-old wrestler was outstanding a few days before her death and her social media page can also validate that she was pretty active these days. Although nothing much has been disclosed to the larger audience by her family, here are all the details that we can get our hands on about Sara Lee’s sudden death.

What was WWE Star Sara Lee’s Cause of Death?

At the moment, former WWE star Sara Lee’s cause of death has not been made public. Her family has requested privacy for now, and like her fans, they are also shaken up by her unexpected death – so they want time to sort things out before talking to the world about it.

What was WWE Star Sara Lee's Cause of Death?
What was WWE Star Sara Lee’s Cause of Death?

This is quite understandable as they probably need time to cope with themselves and come to terms with her passing away at such a young age. 

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Besides, they also have to take care of funeral arrangements and cater to the two children she left behind.

However, sooner or later, we will surely learn about the reason behind her death. But, until then, it will be wise to leave the family on their own and respect their privacy.

When Did Sara Lee Die?

Sara Lee, the winner of the sixth season of the WWE competition Tough Enough, died on Thursday, October 6, 2022; however, the exact death time is unknown.

The wrestler’s mother updated the fans about her daughter’s death through a Facebook post.  

Terri Lee, Sara Lee’s mother, told the fans that:

“It is with heavy hearts we want to share that our Sara Weston has gone to be with Jesus. We are all in shock, and arrangements are not complete. We ask that you respectfully let our family mourn. We all need prayers, especially Cory and her children.”

It is a tough time for her whole family. They would have never thought she would be gone so soon, but sadly, she is not here with us anymore, a painful reality that we must accept.

Thus, it is no surprise that dealing with the jumbled mess of emotions they must have been going through is probably not an easy feat for the bereaved parents, husband and kids.

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Was Sinus Infection the Cause of Sara Lee’s Death?

Even though we do not know for sure what ultimately resulted in the death of Sara Lee, taking in the fact that she was recently battling, as per her, a gruesome sinus infection – more or less has led the public to think that it might have correlated with her immediate death.

Although she said, she had finally recovered enough from it to start going to the gym again for strenuous physical exercise, what happened afterwards completely contrasted with her statement.

Seeing that after posting on her Instagram handle a pic of her in her gym clothes, with a caption that reads:

“Celebrating finally being healthy enough to go to the gym two days in a row… first ever sinus infection kicked my butt #Saraselfie #gains.”

Fans got the news of her death two days later, contrary to her post about her being fit and healthy.

Supporters Decide to Start a Fundraising Campaign For Sara Lee and Wesley Blake’s Children After Her Death?

After the now-deceased pro wrestler death’s announcement, many came out to support their family, sharing their experience as her friends and what a “laughing, smiling, carefree” person she was to hang around.

Out of which, her fellow WWE wrestler Bull James, decides to launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Cory and their children – which, till now, has raised more than $50,000 of its original $20,000 goal.

Expressing her deep sorrow at the significant loss of the grieving family, he says that, like him, all are

“shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Tough Enough winner Sara Lee.”

Thus, at this crucial time, the said wrestler stresses that they should not leave the family on their own to fend for themselves, but we should also help them:

“As her loving husband, Cory picks up the pieces and continues to raise their three children, the last thing anyone in that position wants to be worried about is money and paying for a funeral and everything else that comes along with it.”

The wrestling community did “come together in the wake of tragedy” to show support to the family to carry out the funeral rites of Sara Lee and to help cater to her children in the future.

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What Happened to Sara Lee?

The WWE star “Sara Ann Lee” passed away on Thursday, October 6, 2022, as reported by her mother. However, Sara Lee’s cause of death remains unknown.

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