Who is Charli Dating?

Here’s everything you need to know about “Who is Charli dating?”.

Charli D’Amelio, the TikTok sensation, is once again making headlines! This time the latest news regarding her is about her dating life. Apparently, the influencer is now in a serious, committed relationship with a famous musician’s son. However, many rumors have previously gone around about her. So, is the news this time legit or not? To find out everything about who is Charli dating. Continue reading the article!

Who is Charli Dating? And Since When?

It is true that Charli is now dating someone. Charli D’Amelio’s latest boyfriend is Landon Barker. Barker is the son of famous American musician Travis Barker. Just like his father, he is also interested in music. In fact, the two love birds were first seen in public after Landon Barker got done with his concert. This happened just a few months ago!

Who is Charli Dating?
Who is Charli Dating?

The sources close to the couple have confirmed that they are currently dating. However, they cleared the news that when they were first spotted after Landon’s concert, they were still getting to know each other. During that time period, they got close to each other and eventually, they ended up dating because of their mutual interests. The relationship became official when Charli D’Amelio posted a picture of them kissing on her Instagram. This was in July 2022. So, this news is not exactly new!

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The most interesting bit about this Instagram story was that Landon’s face was not completely visible. But fans were quick to connect the dots because of the neck tattoo that was very clear.

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This situation with Charli’s new boyfriend has sparked another controversy with her ex. Apparently, Charli D’Amelio’s previous boyfriend, Chase Hudson and Landon Barker were actually friends. However, due to some reasons, they’re not friends anymore. And Charli dating Barker is something that made the public even more curious of what actually happened. Hudson and D’Amelio broke up in 2020.

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Hudson deleted the picture that he posted with Barker when they were still friends. This was just a few days after Landon’s concert when the picture of the two went viral.

Both are quite serious about their relationship. And we are all here for the lovebirds! According to some insiders, D’Amelio and Landon even got tattoos from the same artist. Later, they went together to support Dixie’s album celebrations. Their relationship became official after this party. When Landon’s father, Travis Barker, was hospitalized due to his deteriorating health. She made sure that she was there for her boyfriend’s father. D’Amelio sent a card with a heartfelt note written on it.

A few weeks after all these appearances, Charli D’Amelio also spoke up about her new relationship. She talked about Landon and how sweet he is towards her. She also elaborated on the fact that it is hard to live the kind of life she lives due to the constant public attention. However, she is still navigating and trying her best to figure out stuff. We hope that the two live a beautiful future together!

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Landon Baker is also Kourtney Kardashian’s stepson! Deducing from all these connections, the family dynamics are truly at another level. So, that was everything that you needed to know about who is Charli dating.

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