Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

With the final chapter of Stranger Things in the making, all eyes are on the cast and what they are up to these days. Fans are wondering who is Noah Schnapp dating and what is going on in his personal life. Noah Schnapp dating life has been making headlines since the first season was released, as speculations are being made that he dating one of his co-stars.

Well, we are here to bring an end to all the rumors and clear everything out for you. So, continue reading!

Who is Noah Schnapp Dating?

The answer to it is simple. As of 2022, Noah Schnapp is single and not dating anyone.

The actor has always made sure to keep his love life private by never posting anything about it. However, he is still often questioned about it in interviews, and each time, he makes it clear that he is not seeing anyone.

Is Noah Schnapp Dating?
Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

He has been associated with Stranger Things co-stars Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown. In 2020, speculations were being made that Noah and Dixie D’Amelio were dating. But Noah brought an end to all those speculations by saying they were just friends. In 2021, Noah, aka Eleven, commented on Caroline Gregory’s TikTok. Soon after, assumptions were made that Noah is flirting with the TikTok star and that there might be sparks between the two. The actor cleared it out and ensured everyone knew that nothing was going on between the two.

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Furthermore, Stranger Things is open to the idea of dating a fan and being in a serious relationship. In an interview with Raw, he was questioned whether he would ever date a fan. Noah’s reply was simple yet enough to ignite hope in the hearts of fans.

“Date a fan? Uh, I mean, I don’t know! I guess?”

Is Millie Bobby Brown Dating?

Is Noah Schnapp Dating Millie Bobby?

Ever since Stranger Things released its first season, the rumor mill for Noah Schnapp dating Millie Bobby began. However, the costars are just best friends.

Is Noah Schnapp Dating Millie Bobby?
Is Noah Schnapp Dating Millie Bobby?

In fact, Millie is already in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi, the son of famous singer Jon Bon Jovi. The couple even attended the season 4 premiere of Stranger Things season 4 together. Moreover, they often post pictures together on their social media.

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So, it is clear that Noah Schnapp is not dating his co-star or anyone at the moment. He is currently enjoying his life as a single man and occasionally third wheels between Millie and Jake.

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