Inside Job Part 2 Finally Coming on Netflix

Inside Job Part 2 is on its way, and here is what we know about it so far:

Netflix has ordered a second season of the adult animated conspiracy comedy series Inside Job. Its producers are Alex Hirsch and Shion Takeuchi. On Wednesday, the news of its renewal was made public on Day 3 of Netflix’s Geeked Week. 

Here’s A Little Info About The Inside Job

The world’s conspiracies are carried out by a dysfunctional team working for the shadow government in this adult animated comedy show, Inside Job. It can be challenging to navigate the workplace culture at Cognito Inc., especially for antisocial computer genius Reagan Ridley. Secret societies, intricate cover-ups, and veiled orgy etiquette are all there. The show’s main lead, Reagan, believes the world could become a better place. She stands out in a workplace full of reptilian shapeshifters and telepathic mushrooms. Reagan thought she could change the world. However, this is possible only if she can manage her erratic father, who publishes manifestos. As well as her irresponsible coworkers, she finally landed the promotion she’s been longing for.

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What is The Renewal Status of Inside Job Part 2?

Netflix will officially be renewing Inside Job for a second season. We’re pleased to inform you that the program’s second season will premiere in June 2022.

What is The Renewal Status of Inside Job Part 2?
What is The Renewal Status of Inside Job Part 2?

Inside Job’s first season comprised 20 episodes initially. However, it was split into two parts of 10 episodes each. So, with the release of 10 episodes in season 1, it was a given that there would be a second season. 

Who Will be In the Cast of Inside Job 2?

Season 2’s cast has not yet been formally announced. On the other hand, we predict that the regular series characters from season 1 will show up in Job part 2.

Here is a list of cast members we think will be in inside Job part 2:

  • Reagan Ridley will be playing the role of Lizzy Caplan
  • Rand Ridley will be playing the role of Christian Slater
  • Clark Duke will be playing the role of Brett Hand
  • Tisha Campbell will be playing the role of Gigi
  • John DiMaggio will be playing the role of Glenn Dolphman
  • Bobby Lee will be playing the role of Dr. Andrew
  • Chris Diamantopoulos will be playing the role of Robotics
  • Brett Gelman will be playing the role of the Magic Myc

When will Inside Job part 2 be Released?

Netflix will broadcast Inside Job: Part 2 on November 18. The streaming service made a statement about this. Along with confirming its release date, a teaser poster of Inside Job 2 was also aired. 

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How many episodes will there be in season 2 of The Inside Job?

Given that the anime premiered on October 22, 2021, and a total of ten episodes were broadcast for the season, we may assume that the upcoming season of Inside Job will also include ten episodes or maybe more.

Is There Any Trailer for Inside Job part 2?

When announcing the renewal of Inside Job part 2, Netflix made sure to link the release of the first look teaser trailer to the premiere of Inside Job season 2. 

Check official trailer:

What Will Be The Plot of Inside Job Part 2?

The finale of Inside Job season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. According to the official teaser, Rand Ridley (Christian Slater) was reinstated as CEO of Cognito Inc. Part 2; Episode 1’s opening scenes will continue where we left off.

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Where can you watch Inside Job part 2?

All episodes of Inside Job season 1 are available on Netflix. Season 2 will also be released on Netflix. 

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