What is Bleach TYBW Episode 2 Release Date and Time?

The most anticipated anime of the year 2022 has finally released its 1st episode. The anime fans have gone gaga after watching the premiere episode and it only left them wanting more. Moreover, the audience is only interested in getting to know the Bleach TYBW (Thousand Year Blood War) episode 2 release date. The series has taken over the anime feedback websites as well as social media platforms. This tells us that the Bleach TYBW’s episode 1 was a big hit with the audience.

Bleach TYBW is a Japanese anime television series/ manga series. The anime series is basically based on the Bleach manga series. Furthermore, Bleach TYBW is an immediate sequel to the Bleach anime series. Tite Kubo (Noriaki Kubo is a Japanese manga artist and character designer) is the artist for the Bleach manga series. The opening episode was full of action and drama, leaving the fans waiting for Bleach TYBW Episode 2 Release Date.

When will Bleach TYBW Episode 2 release?

Bleach TYBW episode 2 release date is Monday, 17th October 2022 in United States. However, the premiere of episode 2 in Japan is on 18th October 2022. And as for majority of international fans, they get to see the watch the Bleach TYBW episode 2 a little earlier. The episode 2 is scheduled to premiere on Monday, 17th October 2022 (in regions other than Japan). The Bleach TYBW episode 2 release date along with release time in different parts of worlds is as follows:

  • Japan Time: 12 AM JST (Tuesday, October 18)
  • Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (Monday, October 17)
  • Central Time: 10:30 AM (Monday, October 17)
  • Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (Monday, October 17)
  • British Time: 4:30 PM GMT (Monday, October 17)
  • European Time: 5:30 PM CEST (Monday, October 17)
  • India Time: 9 PM IST (Monday, October 17)
  • Philippine Time: 11:30 PM PST (Monday, October 17)
  • Australian Time: 2 AM ACDT (Tuesday, October 11th)
Bleach TYBW Episode 2 Release Date and Time
Bleach TYBW Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Bleach TYBW Storyline

The story of the Japanese manga series revolves around a 15 year old teenage boy, Ichigo Kurosaki, that can see ghosts. He inherits his parents’ fate when he attains the powers of a Soul Reaper (similar to Grim Reaper). Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki gives him these powers as she is in a desperate life and death situation. Furthermore, Ichigo has a lot of responsibilities after receiving these powers. He takes on the duty of defending humans from evil spirits. Moreover, he also is responsible for sending the departed souls to the afterlife. Not only this, but he also faces a lot of other obstacles on this journey.

Summary of Bleach TYBW Episode 1

The Blood Warfare was the title of episode 1. Father of the Quincies, Yhwach made his return and declared war in the Soul Society. Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki comes across Asguiro Eburn, a new Quincy. Eburn tries to make Ichigo’s Bankai by using a mysterious device on him. However, Ichigo manages to fight his efforts to make his Bankai disappear. Moreover, he leaves Ichigo wondering about who this new enemy was. Even though, he knew that Eburn was a Quincy, but he thought that they had been destroyed. Ishida and others had told him that the Soul Reapers had annihilated the Quincies centuries ago.

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What will happen in Bleach TYBW Episode 2?

The episode 2 will continue from where it left off where Yhwach cuts off Luders Friegen’s hand after his dispute with Asguiro Eburn. Bleach TYBW episode 2 will also feature Nelliel as she comes to Karakura Town. She comes to the town to ask for Ichigo’s help because of something that is happening in Hueco Mundo. Even though, Nelliel is very strong in her Espada form, it will be interesting to see what brings her here. The threat looming around must be a big one, so much so that it caused her to seek Ichigo’s help.

Bleach TYBW Rating

With only one episode out and waiting for Bleach TYBW episode 2 release date, the response to the manga series is overwhelmingly positive. The ratings on different platforms are:

  • 6/10 on IMDB
  • 90% on Anilist
  • 5/5 on Anime Planet
  • 11/10 on MyAnimeList

The MAL score for Bleach TYBW makes it the highest rated anime series of Fall 2022. Moreover, the show is also the second highest rated show of all times (after Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).


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