Hercules live action will be in Production Soon

The popular Disney animated movie Hercules is being turned into a live-action film. The Hercules live-action movie comes under the banner of ABGO productions, the production house owned by the Russo brothers. 

After the immense success of the Aladdin live-action movie, which crossed the $1 billion mark, famous British American director Guy Ritchie is back with the Hercules live-action. His Aladdin remade starring Will Smith became an immense success and received appreciation from audiences across the globe. This sets the bar relatively high for this new Hercules remake. CAA closed the deal the previous month before Ritchie left the agency and went to WME. 

Recently, Ritchie has shot and sold an action thrilled to MGM and Amazon, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He has also recently finished directing Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, a movie he has written, directed, and executively produced alongside Jason Statham, another famous director. 

Hercules live action Production Status

The Hercules live-action movie has been in the talks for a while now, but finally, things are falling into place. The film has officially entered its production stage and will soon hit the big screen. If you are a Disney fan, this movie is not one to miss out on. 

Hercules live action Production Status
Hercules live action Production Status

Hercules live action Cast

As the movie is still in its early production phase, there is little to no information regarding its cast. The original animated Hercules movie had the handsome Tate Donovan voicing the role of Hercules. Danny DeVito voiced Philoctetes, and James Wood voiced Hades, the movie’s main antagonist. 

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The Hercules animated movie completed its filming back in 1997. As a result, most of the voice actors have outgrown their roles, and it is highly unlikely that they would play the same characters in the Hercules live-action movie. However, we hope to see our favorites Tate Donovan and Danny DeVito make guest appearances in this reboot. 

We will update this site with all relevant information regarding the movie’s cast and who all have finalized their roles in the upcoming film. 

Hercules live action Cast
Hercules live action Cast

Hercules live action Release Date

The news regarding the movie’s production status has only recently been revealed, and the casting, filming, etc., are yet to take place. Therefore, it is premature to expect a release date from the Hercules team. However, if all goes well, we are hopeful that the movie will complete its production and filing and release sometime by the end of 2023. This news is yet to receive any confirmation and is only an assumption made by our team based on the information available. 

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The movie is a take on Greek mythology, although it is far from the actual mythology. Hercules, the son of Zeus and Hera, is kidnapped and sent down to Earth by his uncle Hades. Hades plans on taking over Mount Olympus, but the only way he can do that is if Hercules no longer lives. He sends down his minions, Pain and Panic, to feed Hercules the magic potion and kill him. However, they fail to give him the last drop, and the bottle breaks. As a result, Hercules loses his immortality but retains his godly strength. 

Many years later, as Hercules enters his teenage years, he becomes a societal outcast due to his immense strength. His foster parents reveal the Olympian necklace he had on when they found him, so Hercules goes to the Temple of Zeus in search of answers. At the temple, Zeus’ statue comes to life and reveals Hercules’ true destiny and that he can regain his god status by becoming a “true hero.” 

Zeus sends Hercules, along with Pegasus, to Philoctetes, a man renowned for training heroes. After his training, Hercules and Phil make their way toward Thebes. En route to Thebes, they meet the sarcastic damsel Megara, who Hercules saves from a centaur. However, it is later revealed that Megara had previously sold her soul to Hades and thus makes Hades aware that Hercules is still alive. 

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The movie then follows the various tactics used by the treacherous Hades to destroy Hercules and how our hero manages to overcome them. Throughout the film, we see Hercules grow from a young, naive boy to a strong and intelligent Greek god. If we must say, he becomes the “true hero” his father had asked him to be. 



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