Hello Prenup Net Worth: How much is Hello prenup worth After shark tank?

Shark Tank is the show known to give young successful entrepreneurs a platform to get across their ideas to potential clients. Hello Prenup is one of the businesses which the audience followed in the show. Hello Prenup makes the process of prenups much easier. As it saves the time and energy of the couple that is about to get married. It provides an easier and alternative method. By listing your record of estates and other belongings the site will give you an estimate of the prenuptial agreement. As it is quite effective this business didn’t take long in getting famous. Which brings us to our next question; what exactly is Hello Prenup net worth? To find out, continue reading the article!

This business was the idea of Jaffee and Rodgers who came together to transform their dream into reality. And after their immense hard work, it actually proved to be successful! Both are equally qualified in their own respective fields. Of course, their collaboration was meant to stand out. 

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The actual Hello Prenup Net Worth

After the impressive pitch of Jaffee and Rodgers, Shark Nirav Tolia seemed interested. Although his initial plan was to offer $150,000 for 30% he later came down to 20% after negotiation. The founders of the site currently are at a net worth of $1 million. 

In the beginning, Hello Prenup did not have enough traffic on its online platform. It did not lack in anything except efficient marketing. However, this traffic improved after Hello Prenup’s feature in Shark Tank. Their sales were boosted by a great number. For now, the Hello Prenup net worth is around $1 million! But as the company has improved quite a lot, who knows this estimation might not be correct. 

The actual Hello Prenup Net Worth
The actual Hello Prenup Net Worth

But when the company first started its net worth was at $1.5 million. Then why did it decrease? This is because of the deal with Kevin and Nirav which resulted in a devalued net worth. But it has been doing good since then so the net worth must have improved. When Hello Prenup first started they were not functional in all states. But now with the help of attorneys they are now working in 31 states. And it is the company’s goal to push this number to 50 by the end of 2022. But will they be able to achieve this dream? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below!

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Average cost of a prenup is $5000. And this is the cost of the tiring and traditional way. But Hello Prenup offers you a much cheaper and better package which lets you devise a proper legal prenup without any hassle. 

The most interesting bit about this business is that their founders initially did not meet at all! In fact they managed everything via Zoom meetings. This is indeed impressive. Julia is a family law attorney while Sarabeth is an engineer. Julia got this idea while talking to a number of women who were overwhelmed by the whole prenup process. She then hired Sarabeth as a software engineer who could overlook the techy stuff. She previously worked at Microsoft! 

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So, that was a brief overview on Hello Prenup net worth and details about its founders. For more such updates stay tuned! 

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