Heels Season 2 Filming Wraps – Is it Coming in July at Starz?

The Heels Season has been trending quite a lot recently. The show and its team truly just keep on giving. If you’re a fan of Heels, then you are lucky because the creators are back with another update for you all. The show that started its filming back in March 2022 is now finished with it. To find out the latest updates regarding Season 2 of Heels and more, continue reading ahead.

The American drama series focused on wrestling aired its first season on Starz on 14th August 2021. The show released an episode a week and wrapped up its season 1 finale in October. The reviews from its viewers were so impressive that just a month later, the series received a renewal for a sophomore season. The first season of Heels currently has a splendid 8 out of 10 IMDb rating. An impressive 96% overall Rotten Tomatoes rating further adds to its grandeur.

Michael Waldron is the mastermind behind the show. Prior to this. Waldron wrote and produced multiple Marvel movies as well. The show stars popular names such as Stephan Amell and Alexander Ludwig as the two Spade brothers (Jack and Ace Spade, respectively). It follows the lives of these two as they try to live up to their late father’s legacy and fight for the Duffy Wrestling League championship. Within the squared wrestling ring, there is always a heel (villain) and a face (hero).

In this series, Amell’s Jack Spade plays the heel within the ring. Outside of the ring, however, he is a normal family man with big dreams. His struggle to take DWL to a national level often makes him do questionable things. Ludwig’s Ace, on the other hand, constantly struggles to maintain his “hero” image that he has inside the ring and outside as well. Ace has his own demons and flaws as well. Although, he often has difficulty coming to terms with them.

Heels Season 2 Latest Filming Update

On 25th June, the show’s lead, Stephan Amell, shared a post on Instagram showing him taking his “recovery bath” after the hectic filming for Heels Season 2. Although, before moving forward with his bath, he let the fans know that there were only five more days of filming left for the second installment. This news truly put eager fans at rest. This meant that production for the show is in full speed, and the release date may just be around the corner.

Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz

On 2nd July 2022, Stephan Amell once again took to his Instagram to update his fans. He posted a video discussing the status of the upcoming installment. Amell went straight to the point in the video, stating,

“It’s a wrap on Season 2 of Heels.”

He then further went on to explain how grateful he was to be a part of the lead in 2 major series (i.e., Arrow and Heels). Cumulatively, Amell has starred in 10 seasons worth of episodes -divided between Arrow and Heels.

Release Date Expectations

With news officially confirming that filming wrapped up for Heels Season 2, fans instantly started inquiring about its release. There were multiple speculations of a possible July release date. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While filming may have wrapped up, there is still countless post-production work that needs to be done. This includes editing, marketing, etc. These post-production activities take a while to come to completion. Hence, expecting a July release seems a little unreasonable.

Logically speaking, the upcoming season would take at least a couple of months to release. Currently, episodes of Becoming Elizabeth and P-Valley are airing on Starz. The network must go according to a strategic schedule. Therefore, even if Heels Season 2 is ready to premiere, it may have to wait its turn. Power Book III: Raising Kanan and BMF are already waiting in line for their turn.

Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz
Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz

Judging by this, an October 2022 release date is most likely possible for the new season. This would give enough time for the Heels creators to wrap up post-production. Further, it would also clear up some of the time slots, hence, allowing Heels an optimum air time. The show could potentially air once Raising Kanan ends.

Heels Season 2 Cast

Heels is truly the show that just keeps on giving. The cast tends to keep updating their socials with the latest news regarding Heels Season 2. Therefore, based on this, it is possible to make a fair guess of who may appear in the upcoming installment. The following cast members are most likely to reprise their roles for the new season:

  • Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade
  • Stephan Amell as Jack Spade
  • Alison Luff as Staci Spade
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler
  • Mary McCormack as Willie Day
  • Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robins
  • Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock
  • James Harrison as Apocalypse
  • CM Punk as Rick Rabies
  • Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade
Heels Season 2 Cast
Heels Season 2 Cast

CM Punk, who previously only appeared in a short role in the first season, is likely to have a more prominent role come season 2. Furthermore, newer editions such as Dave Bautista would make an appearance in the upcoming installment as well. Bautista, who is a veteran in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and a professional WWE wrestler himself, is not new to acting. Moreover, the wrestler already has experience working with Michael Waldron in the Marvel franchise. While the extent of his role in the second season still remains in question, a post by Amell did confirm his involvement in some capacity. The series is popular for bringing in actual wrestlers to enhance the experience for viewers, and Bautista’s involvement further proves that.

Heels Season 2 – WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy Veteran May Appear

Heels Season 2 Storyline

There is not much known regarding the exact storyline of the second season. Although season 1’s ending suggests that Heels Season 2 is going to be just as eventful as its predecessor. Season 1 finale saw Jack Spade in a difficult position. His urge to see DWL succeed made him put his loved ones on the back burner. This severely affected his relationship with his brother Ace and his wife, Staci.

Heels Season 2 Plot
Heels Season 2 Plot

As season 2 proceeds, we expect to see Jack trying hard to right his wrongs and get his family back together. Further, Ludwig’s Ace may have a reduced role in the second season, as he tries to recenter himself. But not to worry, the show cannot continue without its co-lead; hence Ace would definitely return after a short hiatus.

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With filming wrapped up, a trailer should follow shortly. The trailer for season 1 released a solid three months prior to its pilot episode. Therefore, if season 2 follows the same trend, a trailer may just be right around the corner. If an October release date is predicted for Heels Season 2, then ideally, the trailer should drop sometime in August.

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While fans wait for the season 2 trailer, they can always follow the lead stars on social media to stay connected with all the updates regarding the second season.

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