Free Guy 2: Ryan Reynolds Shared the Release Status confirmation

Although the script is still incomplete, we got a renewal confirmation for Free Guy! Reportedly, the sequel will indeed be released. The first part, which premiered amidst the pandemic, was a huge hit, and fans have been asking for renewal since then. But finally, our prayers got answered as Ryan Reynolds confirmed Free Guy 2! Now the question that needs to be addressed is; when will the sequel to Free Guy be released? You’ll read about it later in the article!

The news regarding the sequel has been around for quite some time now. In fact, after the film’s popularity, the creators took this decision almost immediately. And, of course, Ryan Reynolds will return in the sequel! The 20th Century President, Steve Asbell, revealed in an interview that they still haven’t drafted a proper script. But he described the storyline outline as ‘amazing.’ He also emphasized that we will be getting more Free Guy content. So, does this mean we will get more than just Free Guy 2? Well, his statements did reflect this! 

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The first movie couldn’t get a theatrical release because of the restrictions at the time of its premiere. Hopefully, the sequel will also be available in theaters for streaming at home!

Free Guy 2 Cast

As mentioned earlier, Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role of Guy and, along with him, also expect Jodie Comer to feature as Millie (or Molotovgirl). But who else will be there in Free Guy 2? Until now, we do not have a confirmed cast lineup for the sequel. So, the following details are not official. But these are our speculations!

Free Guy 2 Cast
Free Guy 2 Cast

Hopefully, the following will also return:

  • Joe Keery as Keys
  • Lil Rel Howery as Buddy
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mouser
  • Taika Waititi as Antwan

We hope the sequel will reveal a new love interest for Guy. the filmmakers might recruit someone new for this role. But if this is true, the details are not out yet. And what about the villain for the second movie? Unfortunately, we are just as clueless as you are! Because the film is still in its early production phase. Once they finalize the script, we will only be able to get our hands on something substantial. So, until then, we will have to remain patient! 

Free Guy 2 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Free Guy 2’s script is still days away from getting completed. So, naturally, there is no release date for the sequel. But given that the movie goes into production before 2022 ends, expect it to premiere somewhere in 2023. Or it can be later than that too! 

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All of the movie’s actors have tight film schedules, so we will have to remain patient. It will be a long wait, but hopefully, it will be worth it! 

Free Guy 2 Release Date
Free Guy 2 Release Date


We are running quite low on the details for Free Guy 2. There is no official plot synopsis for it either. Hence all that we can do for now is rely on theories. Assuming that the sequel picks up from the finale scenes of the first story, something, as follows, will happen. 

Millie, Keys, and Mouser succeeded in establishing ‘Free Life,’ a game. Of course, they will come up with something interesting to make the second movie enjoyable. So, expect problems related to this game which will put Millie, Keys, and Mouser in a difficult position. There is also a chance of introducing to new NPC characters or avatars. 

Moreover, the movie will likely focus on how Guy and the other game characters evolved and adapted to the new world. Antwan is not the kind of guy who forgets and forgives. He will probably return in Free Guy 2 to avenge what happened to him in the first movie. And he might be the reason why Free Life starts failing. So, that is interesting!

Unfortunately, this is all that we can say about the second movie’s plot. Hopefully, shortly, we’ll know more details. 


There is no official trailer for Free Guy 2 so far because the movie has not started with its production. It’s still in stage 1. Hence, all you can do now is remain patient or re-watch Free Guy. So, that was everything you needed to know about the sequel to Free Guy. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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