For All Mankind Season 3 Teaser Reveal 10 June 2022 Release Date on Apple TV+

For All Mankind Season 3 teaser has revealed the release date for the globally awaited sci fi tv series! All our favorite characters including Joel Kinnaman and Shantel VanSanten are returning to star in it!

For All Mankind takes place in an alternate universe in which Russia manages to land on the moon before the U.S. and the two countries compete in a never ending space race. The third season will introduce a new race; the race to Mars! Expect it to be full of surprises, plot twists and political drama!

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait for long to see it as the teaser has finally unveiled the official release date and it’s pretty close. You can find out all the latest news regarding For All Mankind Season 3 including the premiere date down below!

For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date

Keeping in mind the huge success of the past For All Mankind seasons, it is no surprise that the producers green-lit it for a third season even before the second one arrived! Filming for For all Mankind Season 3 began immediately after the preceding season ended in 2021 and fans have eagerly been waiting for its release!

For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date
For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date

The third season will arrive on Apple TV+ on June 10,2022 as revealed by the official teaser! It will consist of 10 episodes with a new one dropping every week on Fridays!

For All Mankind Season 3 Plot

The U.S and Soviet Union will participate in yet another space race and this time the Red Planet is the destination! The storyline will be full of escalating situations, jaw dropping revelations and heated arguments! Who will win this race? Will Russia land on Mars before the U.S again? Or will the U.S beat Russia this time and win back its position in the world of exploration and technology.

For All Mankind Season 3 Plot
For All Mankind Season 3 Plot

The official synopsis for the upcoming season reads,

“The propulsive new season of the alternate-reality series takes viewers to a new decade, moving into the early ’90s with a high-octane race to a new planetary frontier: Mars. The Red Planet becomes the new front in the space race not only for the US and the Soviet Union, but also an unexpected new entrant with a lot to prove and even more at stake. Our characters find themselves going head-to-head as their ambitions for Mars come into conflict and their loyalties are tested, creating a pressure cooker that builds to a climactic conclusion.”

For All Mankind Season 3 Cast

Although a lot of new faces will appear in the third season as it takes place several years later, the following characters from preceding seasons will return,

  • Joel Kinnaman as Edward Baldwin
  • Shantel VanSanten as Karen Baldwin
  • Jodi Balfour as Ellen Wilson
  • Sonya Walger as Molly Cobb
  • Krys Marshall as Danielle Poole
  • Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin
  • Casey Johnson as Danny Stevens
  • Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales
  • Wrenn Schmid as Margo Madison
For All Mankind Season 3 Cast
For All Mankind Season 3 Cast

As of now, we only know of one new character joining the cast, Edi Gathegi as Dev Ayesa. He will play the role of a visionary who wants to reach the stars!

For All Mankind Season 3 Trailer

Trailer for For All Mankind Season 3 came out on Monday! It revealed the release date! However, it doesn’t reveal details about the plot or introduce the characters!

Check out the official trailer below:

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