Sam Mendes’ ‘Empire of Light’ teaser trailer

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for Empire of Light is finally out! And it is just as the fans of Sam Mendes expected it to be. Sam Mendes’ next project will have Olivia Colman and Michael Ward in the lead. Their chemistry seemed irresistible in the teaser. Moreover, the dialogues in the trailer have also given us a hint of the plot and how the movie will unfold. To know more about the upcoming movie, continue reading the article!

The movie will be released in the US on 9th December 2022. While in the UK, it will premiere on 13th January 2023. We are not sure if it will make its way to any of the streaming sites! 

The trailer for Empire of Light has shed light on something serious

You can now watch the official trailer on YouTube. And for those who don’t know, Mendes himself penned down the script of the movie! In the official words, it’s a love story at 24 frames per second’. Well, that is surely one unusual love story. The central plot is focused on an old historic cinema in England. And the story is set in the 1980s. 

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As the plot details are scarce right now, all that we can do is try to make sense of the story from the little footage that we have. It seems like Olivia Coleman’s, and Michael Ward’s characters will grow close to each other with the help of a cinema. So, that’s the base of their love story. The voiceover in the trailer is what seemed to be very confusing. However, if you try to focus on the words, you might make sense of it. If you’ve got any clue, let us know in the comments below!

The trailer for Empire of Light has shed light on something serious
The trailer for Empire of Light has shed light on something serious

The voiceover says a film is nothing but just static frames playing one after the other. But if the speed of these frames is increased, it will result in an illusion. This can be an illusion of life as well. Due to this flaw of the optic nerve, we can see light. And nothing happens without light! 

The movie will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie’s main themes are interesting because of how contradicting they are. Mendes really did something when he tried to link darkness with light. It seems like the opposites will come together. But will this end in a good or bad way? The narrator who did a voiceover in the trailer is Toby Jones. His character is a projector operator. This profession is concerned with controlling the light intensity and trying to focus the film so that it gives out the best result. This means Toby’s character has a huge role to play. 

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Olivia Colman’s character is Hilary, while Michael Ward’s character is Stephen. Through the power of cinema, they’ll come together. Now, if you focus on the dialogues in the trailer, you might be able to connect the dots. The voice said due to the illusion. We don’t see darkness. And it also says nothing happens without light. So does this mean that their love story was not the right one from the beginning? This illusion of love must have strayed them from their main goal. Well, this theory does make sense because of the taboo relationship that the movie will focus on. 

Olivia’s character is an actress who has built herself a career at the expense of her mental health. She’s living quite a hard life with her mental issues. On the other hand, Stephen is a black man working in a cinema at the time of extreme racism. Having gone through something hard like that, both find solace in each other until they realize that they are in an ill-fated relationship which is bound to crumble, just like their careers. 

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The trailer ends with a voice saying, ‘Nothing Happens Without Light.’ This is Toby Jones’ character speaking. This could be setting up the mood for the dark nature of the movie. Was it a metaphor? Or was it an analogy left for the fans to break down? Well, we’ll know once the movie comes out. 

The crew that has come together for Empire of Light is quite a talented one. Mendes also has an Oscar nomination for ‘1917’. Interestingly this was also the first project that Coleman and Mendes worked on together. So, are they about to create history once again? Well, by the looks of the trailer, it does look it! So, that was everything about the upcoming movie. For more information, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 

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