The Bachelorette Season 19: How To Watch It?

Finding a life partner, who will be there for you through thick and thin, has become quite a hard feat nowadays. As it has become apparent that it is not as easy as they would make it seem back in old fairy tales that we used to see as kids. Seeing that now that we have grown older, it does not make sense at the very least. Considering the fact that the magical formula that they presented in that fantastical world is not as realistic as it seemed at that time. Where a naive girl is waiting for an invitation to a ball or a lavish party to accidentally meet a nice and, of course, charming prince. Who, more or less, will fall in love with her in just one single meeting. Well, it does sound nice, but where in the whole world does that even happen? Nowhere. Thus, this so-called formula sadly does not apply in the real world. Until and unless we make a reality show and find a pool of potential love interests for our Cinderella out there who are looking for love! Ring a bell? Yes, you have got it quite right. I am talking about the one and only reality dating show, The Bachelorette. And surprisingly enough, we also recently got “The Bachelorette Season 19″ on our screens as well!

Those times have been long gone when a woman would meet nice gentlemen in ballrooms and would wait for gentlemen callers to ask for their hand in marriage. In this new world, where you are so busy that you do not have a chance at love, you can now try your luck here.

We have gathered all the details that you need to know about the upcoming season!

What is ‘The Bachelorette’?

Many people who are new to this modern fairy tale might get confused about what this show is actually about. So, before delving into the details of the upcoming nineteenth season, we bring you all the information that you must know about the show:

What is 'The Bachelorette'?
What is ‘The Bachelorette’?
  • The Bachelorette is an American reality television dating game.
  • It debuted on ABC on January 8, in the year 2003. 
  • Moreover, the said reality show is actually a spin-off of The Bachelor and is a part of The Bachelor franchise.
  • So, it is typically a gender-swapped version of The Bachelor. 
  • Like in its parent show, The Bachelorette will more or less date multiple men over a couple of weeks to narrow them down to the point where she will hopefully be able to find her true love.
  • Essentially, the leading lady has to choose her husband from twenty-five or so bachelors.
  • The series features a single bachelorette who is usually a runner-up from one of the previous seasons of The Bachelor show.
  • Thus, the first season featured Trista Rehn, who was also the runner-up from the first season of The Bachelor.
  • It was done mainly to offer the opportunity for Rehn to choose a husband from all the other bachelors present.
  • The same was the case for the 2004 season of The Bachelorette, who again took a runner-up from the previous season of The Bachelor and so on and on afterwards.
  • Besides that, the spin-off almost always ended with a proposal in the final selection in contrast to its parent show; either the proposal was accepted or denied.
  • Surprisingly enough, the stewards of the franchise gave us a huge surprise when they announced that there would be two Bachelorettes in one season in March 2022. That too for the very first time.

The Bachelorette Season 19: Everything We Know So Far!

Here is all basic information about the nineteen seasons of ABC’s dating show:

  • The Bachelorette Season 19 premiered on Monday 11th of July, in the year 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.
  • It also features the former contestants from the twenty-six season of The Bachelor. Namely, Clayton Echard and Gabby Windey.
  • This time around, almost thirty-two bachelors are trying to win the hearts of these two bachelorettes in Season 19.
  • Besides that, Jesse Palmer (Former Bachelor) also came back to host the ongoing season.

Hopefully, this time around, both the girls will be able to find the love of their lives in the show! I am rooting for them, and I think you all should root for them as well.

The Bachelorette Season 19: Thirty-Two Eligible Candidates!

Want to know who are the thirty-two eligible bachelors in the nineteenth season of the show? Well, fear not. We have got you all covered. Here are all the names of the potential love interests for our two bachelorettes!

The Bachelorette Season 19: Thirty-Two Eligible Candidates!
The Bachelorette Season 19: Thirty-Two Eligible Candidates!
  1. Alex (27) – Wedding Photographer from Houston, Texas.
  2. Aven (28) – Sales Executive from San Diego, California.
  3. Brandon (23) – Bartender from Carlsbad, California.
  4. Chris (30) – Mentality Coach from Redondo Beach, California.
  5. Colin (36) – Sales Director from Chicago, Illinois.
  6. Erich (29) – Real Estate Analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey.
  7. Ethan (27) – Advertising Executive from New York, New York.
  8. Hayden (29) – Leisure Executive from Tampa, Florida.
  9. Jacob (27) – Mortgage Broker from Scottsdale, Arizona. 
  10. James (25) – Meatball Enthusiast from Winnetka, Illinois. 
  11. Jason (30) – Investment Banker from Santa Monica, California.
  12. Joey (24) – Twin from Brookfield, Connecticut.
  13. John (26) – English Teacher from Nashville, Tennessee.
  14. Johnny (25) – Realtor Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
  15. Jordan H. (35) – Software Developer from Tampa, Florida.
  16. Jordan V. (27) – Drag racer from Alpharetta, Georgia.
  17. Justin B. (32) – Physical therapist from Solana Beach, California.
  18. Justin Y. (24) – Twin from Brookfield, Connecticut.
  19. Kirk (29) – College Football Coach from Lubbock, Texas.
  20. Logan (26) – Videographer from San Diego, California.
  21. Mario (31) – Personal Trainer from Naperville, Illinois.
  22. Matt (25) – Shipping Executive from San Diego, California. 
  23. Michael (32) – Pharmaceutical Salesman from Long Beach, California.
  24. Nate (33) – Electrical Engineer from Chicago, Illinois. 
  25. Quincey (25) – Life Coach from Miami, Florida. 
  26. Roby (33) – Magician from Los Angeles, California.
  27. Ryan (36) – Investment Director from Boston, Massachusetts.
  28. Spencer (27) – Venture Capitalist from Chicago, Illinois. 
  29. Tremayne (28) – Crypto Guy from Naperville, Illinois.
  30. Tino (28) – General Contractor from Playa Del Rey, California. 
  31. Tyler (25) – Small Business Owner from Wildwood, New Jersey.
  32. Zach (25) – Tech Executive from Anaheim Hills, California.

The Bachelorette Season 19: Where Can You Watch It?

The new season of The Bachelorette is available on streaming platforms like ABC (original broadcast network) as well as on Hulu (available to stream after the day it airs on the original broadcast network).

However, if you have a cable connection or a digital television antenna from Amazon, then you can watch all of its episodes on television as well by means of your local ABC affiliate.

The Bachelorette Season 19: How Can You Watch It Online?

If all of the above-mentioned options are not feasible for you, then you can also stream it online on these television streaming services too. Such as:

  • Fubo TV or Sling TV
  • Hulu with Live TV, and
  • YouTube TV.

Besides that, people outside of the US or foreigners can use Express VPN to get their hands on the said season as it will allow you access to the ABC network. 

Moreover, people who have Hulu subscriptions can stream for free! And if you are not signed up to Hulu, then it is not an issue as well. Seeing that Hulu provides 30 days of free trials, too, you can easily watch it online for free.

Want to Watch Past Seasons As Well?

  • All the past seasons are available for purchase on Amazon Prime.
  • They can also be streamed online on Hulu.
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