An Hour-long Degrassi Series is Coming to HBO Max in 2023!

‘Degrassi,’ a Canadian teen drama, is reprising another plot to the premier, this time on HBO Max.

This new series in the Degrassi franchise was announced in January 2022. ‘Degrassi’ has been renewed as the 6th series in the franchise. Initially, the series was developed by Lara Azzopardi and Julia Cohen for HBO Max. WildBrain Studios served as its production company alongside the series’ Max development.

Indeed, a four-decade-long series, ‘Degrassi,’ must have been up with the challenges of breathing long in the modern time. Hence, undeniably, the series’ involvement deeper into Canadian culture (probably related to the teen life experiences) has become its vast strength.

As per WildBrain news, Amy Friedman (Head of the Kids and Family Program at Warner Bros) is a critically acclaimed Degrassi franchise for its “trustworthy and authentic storytelling.” In addition, she acknowledges that WildBrain’s production will ‘artfully capture high school life” for HBO Max.

Now this critical elevation from Amy must have engrossed your attention. So, we will look into the details related to the new ‘Degrassi.’

The New ‘Degrassi’ with ‘an Hour’ 10 Episodes

 Lara Azzopardi and Julia Cohen’s co-creation was announced to develop for an hour-long ten episodes. In the franchise, ‘an hour-long episode lets the series enter its evolutionary stages. Meanwhile, the new creation will probably continue the darker themes of ‘Degrassi’ high school life. As the WildBrain news writes:

The New ‘Degrassi’ with ‘an Hour’ 10 Episodes
The New ‘Degrassi’ with ‘an Hour’ 10 Episodes

“Azzopardi and Cohen said: “What excites us the most about reviving this beloved franchise is turning it into a serialized one-hour drama. We’re honored to be allowed to lead this evolution and bring this iconic series back into people’s homes.”

The renewal can be expected to present experiences that will be relatable (though painfully) to teen life. According to WildBrain news, Josh Scherba (President of WildBrain) expresses that the series urged to be “refreshed for each new generation.”

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 Since the series’ success has been mounted due to its realistic portrayal of the timely issues, addressing the unconventional and abusive teen culture of western life in Canada. Regardless of new evolutions, it still has been promised that the series’ “fundamental honesty, humanity and integrity” will be reprised, reports WildBrain news. Moreover, the information further confirms that the fans are enjoined to experience an “exciting new territory, creatively and dramatically.”

Lara Azzopardi and Julia Cohen: The New ‘Degrassi’

How can it be justified to move on without looking for Azzopardi (series producer) and Cohen (series’ executive producer)? Let’s have a roundabout about the series’ new crew. To know that Azzopardi and Cohen are really not new, yeah, neither to the series nor you. Yes, both Julia and Larra had already been to the franchise before. For instance, they have co-written the script for Season 8, “Heat of the Moment,” in 2009.

Interestingly, the previous creators, Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn, in their joint statement, warmly welcomed the new writers, Azzopardi and Cohen, on their careers’ growth, as per CBC news. As their statement suggests:

“the time is perfect to pass the baton” to new leaders.”

Schuyler and Stohn further say that,

“We worked with Lara and Julia as writers on Degrassi in the early stages of their careers, so we are particularly proud of how their careers have soared over ensuing years,”…”

HBO Max ‘Degrassi’ and the New Plot

As has already been said, the series can be expected with its further exploration of social issues (mainly related to the teens) of modern western culture. Let us glance at the  new plot, officially addressed by the WildBrain news. Accordingly, the site teases that Degrassi, “a character-driven series,” will set the character’s “often painful journey of self-discovery.” Moreover, the new plot will present the conflict and reapproval among “a group of teenagers” and “school faculty.” In addition, series will concern a deep and dense characters’ portrayal. As the site says,

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HBO Max ‘Degrassi’ and the New Plot
HBO Max ‘Degrassi’ and the New Plot

“the show travels deep into the hearts and homes of diverse, complicated characters as they struggle to find their new normal, reaching for hope, redemption, and love.”

‘Degrassi Max’ and the Cast

Degrassi, a renewed series in the Degrassi’s franchise, has not yet been revealed with its cast. But, probably, one may expect some of the past actors to reprise their roles in the new series. This Canadian teen drama has been a success not only for the franchise but instead brought stardom to its cast and crew. For instance, from their 2009 script, Azzopardi and Cohen now stand for the position of series producers. Also, the actor Drake (a Canadian rapper) and the actress Nina Dobrev got famous through the series in the past. And who knows that their popularity may have also brought them to the HBO Max production.

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‘Degrassi Max’ and the Cast‘Degrassi Max’ and the Cast
‘Degrassi Max’ and the Cast

‘Degrassi’ Release Date for HBO Max

It’s time to let you know a release date for Degrassi reprising on HBO Max. HBO Max officially has announced that they will air the series in Spring 2023, as CBC news confirms. So until Spring 2023, we have to wait to know the ‘new.’


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