Shetland Season 8 Release Date and Cast Confirmed by BBC

The departure of DI Jimmy Perez marked the conclusion of season seven of the much-loved detective drama Shetland, which presented a significant threat to the show’s continuation. Even though the show’s main character, who has been a cast member for all its seasons, will not be returning for the upcoming eighth season, Shetland Season 8, for another season.

We weren’t left wondering about the show’s future after Douglas Henshall’s departure, thanks to the BBC’s announcement of the renewal before Season 7 even began airing.

However, what does this imply for the development of Shetland in the years to come? How will the show go on without Jimmy? And perhaps most importantly, who will take Henshall’s place in the leading role after his departure?

Shetland Season 8: Release Date

In light of the recent renewal of Shetland for an eighth season, the BBC has stated that production on the new episodes will begin in the spring of 2023. It indicates that we should expect Shetland Season 8 to return to our screens at some point later in the year 2023.

Shetland Season 8: Release Date
Shetland Season 8: Release Date

Henshall’s Position Is Up for Grabs, But Who Will Take It?

It has been confirmed by the BBC that the show will be introducing a new lead, similar to The Bay, which will undoubtedly generate a great deal of interesting material for the narrative.

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Tosh, who is portrayed by Alison O’Donnell, is the one who comes to mind first. The time is right for Jimmy’s trusted assistant, who has been with the company from the start, to take the reins.

Another name that has been mentioned is that of DI Fraser Brooks, who was previously portrayed by Brian Ferguson. Although he is a relatively new face in Shetland, this might make a lot of sense in the story’s context.

How did Henshall respond to it?

Henshall remarked that it would be strange to find out that they are filming the eighth series without him present. He has a lot of faith in them and wishes them the best of luck in whatever they do. He also mentioned that it wouldn’t be the show that he was a part of. They will have to make a whole other show.

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But in spite of the difficulties, the people who are driving it forward are very enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Keep an eye on this space for updates regarding the casting news that will be forthcoming in the coming months.

Shetland Season 8: Casts 

We expect the following casts to be back in the upcoming season:

Shetland Season 8: Casts 
Shetland Season 8: Casts
  • Alison O’Donnell as DS Alison Tosh McIntosh 
  • Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson 
  • Lewis Howden as Sgt. Billy McCabe 
  • Angus Miller as Donnie 
  • Conor McCarry as PC Alex Grant 
  • Anne Kiss as Cora McLean

Shetland Season 8 Plot 

We didn’t find out how Jimmy would leave the show until the very last episode of the seventh season, despite the fact that Shetland has been dropping hints about his departure for quite some time.

To make a long story short, Jimmy saved a man’s life by assisting him in evading extradition and execution, which was unquestionably the moral thing to do. However, this action was detrimental to Jimmy’s professional standing.

Shetland Season 8 Plot 
Shetland Season 8 Plot

This brings an end to Jimmy’s time spent acting in the role of detective. What happens to him and Meg in the future is something we probably won’t learn, but fans can rest assured that Shetland Season 8 will feature a new lead in addition to the beloved cases they’ve come to expect over the past nine years.

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Production on Shetland Season 8 will launch in the spring of 2023, so viewers can anticipate new episodes in the summer or later in the year. No trailer is available yet. We will update this section once the trailer is available. Shetland is broadcast on BBC One and is streamable on BBC iPlayer.

Keep coming back to this page for any new information on Shetland Season 8.


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