Dance With Devils Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, And Updates 

Dance with Devils Season 2 has been under consideration for quite some time now. And the fans are anxious to know about either its renewal or cancellation. Recently certain news has surfaced about its sequel which might be affecting the future of the show. What is it? Continue reading to find out!

The story of the anime revolves around Ritsuka Tachibana who is a normal school girl. However one day she somehow gets entangled in some pretty serious business. That is she comes in between a conflict between devils and vampires. Both sides now believe that the girl is their only way to victory.

All they now need to do is to discover the forbidden grimoire through Ritsuka. Whichever side first finds it, will dominate the world. How will Ritsuka avoid this other world of entities that she has accidentally discovered? And most importantly what happened after the finale of the first season? Well looks like for some of the questions you’ll first have to stream the anime.

Dance with Devils Rika Nakase and illustrated by Samako Natsu first premiered in 2015! Inarguably it is truly one of the best anime of the past. However, due to poor ratings, the series did not get renewed.

Release Date

There is no official release date for Dance with Devils Season 2 because it never got renewed officially. However, nothing to get disheartened over, as usual, the developers take time in announcing such news. So, all you have to do is remain hopeful.

As far as the chances of Dance with Devils Season 2 are concerned, we can’t say much about it. Because the original manga has two volumes and up till now the first season only covered the first volume so there is still space for the second season to explore. But that depends on the studio if it is willing to continue with the story then we might get the premiere date soon. However, nothing definite can be said.

If the renewal news comes somewhere in 2022 then expect the sequel to release in 2023.

Dance With Devils Season 2
Dance With Devils Season 2


There are barely any details regarding the second season. So, we are not completely sure of which character will return in Dance with Devils Season 2 but expect the following to be there:

  • Himika Akaneya (she represents Ritsuka Tachibana);
  • Wataru Hatano (his character is Linda Tachibana);
  • Sōma Saitō (voices Rem Kaginuki);
  • Takashi Kondō (represents Urie Sogami);
  • Subaru Kimura (voices Mage Nanashiro) and many others.


Nothing promising can be said about Dance with Devils Season 2 either because we don’t have an official synopsis for it. Not even having a hint of what to expect from the sequel makes it too difficult to guess the storyline of the following installment. So, we’ll have to yet again remain patient! 


There is no official trailer for Dance with Devils Season 2 either. And even if the show gets renewed expect the trailer to take a lot of time to release. This is because anime usually take longer for production. And up till now we are not even confirmed if we’ll get the trailer or not because Dance with Devils is neither canceled nor renewed.

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