Best AnimeFreakAngels: Is Official Release Date Out or Not?

FreakAngels: Is Official Release Date Out or Not?

Welcome back Fam! And mostly the anime lovers! If you want to watch anime just like me then you should probably keep reading this article.

Today we are here to discuss an amazing anime show which will blow your mind and if you are on a constant lookout for a good heart touching anime series then this is something you need to watch! So which anime show am I talking about?

Well, this is a new anime show which is going to be released really soon. This show is named freak angels and it’s definitely a show which you shouldn’t be missing.

So keep reading the article to see what we have selected for you regarding this new mind-blowing show.

Freakangels Release Date

This all-new show is planned to be released on 27th January 2022 and it is going to be released directly on Crunchyroll. The freak angels are going to have a total of nine episodes for its first season and the duration for each show would be around 30 minutes.

Other than that no more updates have been provided for the show yet but once we get any other update regarding the show we will update our column here so do not forget to keep checking up on our column every day!


Freakangels Cast

If we look into the cast of the show you will be very surprised to have this amazing group already in the show it also came into our consideration that this show might feature Castlevania’s Marsha Thomason who would be in the role of Kiki and along with it we will see Della Saba acting as Alice.

Below mentioned is the list of all the voice casts of FreakAngels mentioned below:

  • Arkady( by Julie Nathanson )
  • Jack/Kirk( by Tru Valentino )
  • Sirkka( by Nazneen Contractor )
  • Connor( by Christian Lees )
  • Mark( by Daniel Gillies )
  • Luke( by Chris Geere )
  • Miki ( by Mallory Low )
  • Caz ( by Anniwaa Buachie )
  • Karl ( by Darren Jacobs)
  • Kat ( by Victoria Atkin )

FreakAngels Plot

This series is based on the famous webcomic series of 2008 called Freak Angels. The story is based on a powerful story about 12 psychics who are trying to do everything possible to restore Humanity. However, they have some tension or misunderstanding amongst each other.

This further kept on growing every day and thus saving the world looked a lot easier to them.  And they went on a mission to prove that saving the world needs efforts.

Freakangels Plot via Crunchyroll

The plot explained by Crunchyroll goes as follows it’s mentioned that 6 years ago the world ended in an apocalypse in which Great Britain was trapped in mysterious black energy.

The last neighborhood of London was saved by angels and it was kept protected by them Freak Angels add a group of a small group of people who have psychic powers and they form a group to help the world from ending from getting ended.

However later on a friend from the past came back and explained what had happened back then let’s let the world end now afternoon everything the freak angels are planning on to save the Earth from getting destroyed.

Will they be able to do so? To find out do not forget to watch the show on the 27th of January only on Crunchyroll 

FreakAngels trailer

The trailer for this amazing Series has already been released and you can watch it on any platform so do not forget to watch the series and add it to your list now! Till the with us for all such amazing updates about their favorite shows and your favorite characters

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