Bull Season 7 Renewal: Latest Update

First released in 2016, Bull by CBS is a legal drama that instantly became a hit. The series first premiered in 2016, and since then, it has enjoyed six successful seasons. The series revolves around the employees of Trial Analysis Corporation, which Dr. Jason Bull runs. It is loosely based on the life of Dr. Phil McGraw, an author and clinical psychologist. He also serves as the executive producer of the show. Now that the sixth season has ended, the fans are wondering when Bull Season 7 will premier and whether there is a renewal confirmation of the same.

Bull Season 7 Is Officially Canceled

If you are a fan of Bull, there is disappointing news for you. CBS has officially canceled the series, and there will be no Bull Season 7. The cancelation of Bull Season 7 was announced in January 2022. The two-part series of the finale of Bull was scheduled to air on 19th May and 26th May.

Bull Season 7 Is Officially Canceled
Bull Season 7 Is Officially Canceled

Even though Bull was a hugely successful series, there is no future for the same. Critics and viewers both had only praise to share about the show. The original plan was not to cancel the show after the sixth season. However, the decision for the same was taken after two key actors left the show. Michael Weatherly and Freddy Rodriguez, who played critical roles in the show, previously announced their exit. This impacted the future of Bull Season 7, and it resulted in the sudden cancellation of the show.

Previously, the series was praised for its fresh perspective on the judicial process. Bull also enjoyed high ratings, thanks to the members of the show who worked in front and behind the camera. The cancellation of Bull Season 7 came as a shock to all the fans.

It is believed that the decision to cancel the show occurred somewhere around the new year. However, no announcement was made regarding it, keeping in mind the finale of Season 6. The sixth season gave a proper closure to all the characters of the show. This, again was a shock because, according to sources, the writers planned for a different ending for the finale.

Therefore, if you are still waiting for Bull Season 7, you should give up.

Why Was Bull Season 7 Canceled?

Michael Weatherly decided to step away from the series. His role was important in the series as he played the role of the protagonist. With him walking away from the show, Bull was bound to end, and the same is visible in the form of the cancellation of Bull Season 7. Michael announced his retirement from the show on 19th January 2022. Further, he indicated that the sixth season will be the series finale.

When Is Bull Season 6 Final Episode Scheduled?

Bull Season 6, finale episode will be airing on 26th May 2022, Thursday at 10/9c on CBS. In the final episode, the viewers will be able to see Bull and the entire Trial Analysis Corporation team heading to the court for one last time to finalize the negligent homicide defense. This final move will change the lives of the employees and the future of the company forever.

When Is Bull Season 6 Final Episode Scheduled?
When Is Bull Season 6 Final Episode Scheduled?

Therefore, stay tuned for the finale episode of the series on 26th May. There will be no Bull Season 7. It will be interesting to see whether the viewers will receive the closure that they are looking forward to or not. Previously, the show’s rating has dropped a little, but still, it is pretty popular amongst the loyal fans of the series.

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