Brendon Urie Net Worth: A Breakdown of the Panic! at the Disco’s Frontman’s Fortune

The American musician, singer, and songwriter, Brendon Urie net worth is of $12 million. He earned most of his net worth by becoming the lead vocalist for the Panic! Band at the Disco. He also performed on Broadway and had a successful career as a solo artist. Currently, Panic! Is planning for their upcoming tour. If you are interested, note the days! It is scheduled from February 20 to March 10 this year. We have sad news too! After the tour is completed, the members will dissolve the band.

Brendon Urie Net Worth 

Brendon Urie has earned a fortune from his career in the music industry. According to reports, Brendon Urie net worth is approximately $12 million. Not only did the singer earn his massive net worth from his singing career in Panic! But also from other projects. However, the key point here is that music lovers love to hear him sing. 

Brendon Urie Net Worth A Breakdown of the Panic! at the Disco's Frontman's Fortune
Brendon Urie Net Worth A Breakdown of the Panic! at the Disco’s Frontman’s Fortune

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Brendon Urie featured in six albums after becoming a Panic! At The Disco member. Here is a list of the albums:

  • A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out 
  • Pretty. Odd 
  • Vices & Virtues 
  • Too Weird to Live 
  • Too Rare to Die! 
  • Death of a Bachelor 
  • Viva Las Vengeance 

In addition to that, he also featured in singles like:

  • One of Those Nights 
  • What a Catch 
  • Donnie 
  • Open Happiness 

Furthermore, he made appearances in music videos like Pretty Melody and Clothes Off! which played a great role in increasing Brendon Urie net worth. 

Collaboration of Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie has collaborated with many other stars. A few of his collaborations are listed below:

  • Keep On Keeping On (Travie McCoy) 
  • Love in the Middle of a Firefight (Dilion Francais) 
  • Molly (Lil Dicky) 
  • Me! (Taylor Swift

Brendon Urie stated that his music career is influenced highly by stars like Tom DeLonge, Queen, David Bowie, and Frank Sinatra. Furthermore, Taylor Swift influenced him as a songwriter. All of this has helped increase Brendon Urie net worth.

Why Is Brendon Urie Leaving Panic! At The Disco?

Even though Panic! At The Disco helped increase Brendon Urie net worth, but he is still leaving the band. Why? Well, it has something to do with his personal life. Let’s dive in. 

Brendon Urie married Sarah Orzechowski in 2013 after their engagement in 2011. The couple began dating officially back in 2009. In fact, his love for Sarah inspired the song ” Sarah Smiles,” which is a part of the Vices & Virtues album. Urie identifies himself as pansexual. Previously, he stated that he had experimented with men but ended up classifying himself as straight. 

Why Is Brendon Urie Leaving Panic! At The Disco
Why Is Brendon Urie Leaving Panic! At The Disco

So, coming back to his reason for leaving the band, he wants to leave the band to focus on his family. On January 24, 2023, the couple revealed that they were expecting a child together. Therefore, Urie wants to devote his complete focus to his family. As a result, he is leaving the band. 

Brendon Urie Is Leaving Panic! At The Disco 

Brendon announced leaving the band with an Instagram post from the band’s official account. He showed his gratitude to be able to go around the place and make new friends. Furthermore, he stated that one journey must end before the beginning of another journey. He then repealed that he and Sarah are expecting a baby soon! However, we do not know when the couple is expecting a baby yet. 

Moving on, he is very excited to become a father and his wife a mother. His child will be his next adventure. Additionally, he added, he will now focus his energy on his family, and the band will be no more. He thanked his fans for their immense support. He further showed gratitude to the stars he worked with and the fans. He ended the notes by saying he is looking forward to meeting everyone in the UK and Europe for one last time. 

Because of the fact that Brendon Urie net worth is high, a brief break from his musical career will not make things hard for this talented musician. The singer might even end up making his net worth equal to that of Stephen Marley in the near future.


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