Taylor Swift Net Worth after winning top MTV video award

It seems like not even the sky’s the limit for Taylor Swift. The 32- year old singer just recently bagged another MTV VMA for video of the year and announced her brand new album as well at the event. The singer has been releasing new music and winning the hearts of people over and over since she entered the music industry. We have all seen her ups and downs in both her personal life and career. And now, after her latest achievement, everyone around is wondering what is Taylor Swift net worth. How much money does the famous singer have for her name? And how did it all begin? Keep on reading to find out!

Taylor Swift Early Life

Taylor Allison Swift was born to Scott and Andrea Swift on December 13, 1989. She has a brother named Austin. All four of them lived on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Here she studied preschool and kindergarten at a Montessori school. For first grade, she changed schools and began going to The Wyndcroft School.

Taylor had an interest in music from a young age and loved musical theatre at the age of 9. She began taking vocal and acting lessons in New York. And also performed at local events and festivals when she was a tween and teen. Back then, she loved country music and was a huge fan of Shania Twain. She even went to Nashville with her mom to submit her demo of Dolly Parton and The Chicks covers. However, record labels did not consider her an original. Hence, Tay Tay had to go back without any record deal.

Taylor Swift Early Life
Taylor Swift Early Life

In 2003, Swift began working with Dan Dymtrow, a music manager. He played a key role in helping Taylor get a gig in Rising Stars. He even got one of Taylor’s original songs on the compilation CD from Maybelline. After this, things began looking up for Swift, and her music career began.


It all began when Taylor Swift signed her record deal with Big Machine Records. She released her first ever single, Tim McGraw and just after a short time, she released a self-titled studio album in 2006. For the first album performed unbelievably well and ranked number 5 on the U.S. Billboard 200. The album got the number 1 position on the U.S. Country Music chart and was playing on everyone’s radio at the time. In fact, her first studio album has been certified platinum more than four times by the RIAA. 

Just around 2 years later, Swift released her second album titled Fearless. This album was a much greater hit than the first one and got the number 1 spot on the U.S. Billboard, U.S. Country, New Zealand, and Canadian music charts. This is also the album that contains our favourite singles Love Story and You Belong With Me. Both of which are originals that can never really get old. Since then, Tay Tay’s music career has only been going up. She has performed with several artists, such as Justin Bieber and John Mayer. 

These days Taylor Swift is working on her latest album, Midnight, which will be released on October 21, 2022, at midnight. The music artist knows how to create music that resonates with her audience. And she has won several awards for her great music. Most of Taylor Swift net worth is due to her music career.

In addition to this, Swift has also appeared in television and film. She has made appearances on many shows, such as Saturday Night Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has also appeared in movies such as Valentine’s Day.

Social Media

With 223 million followers on Instagram and 91 million on Twitter, Tay Tay is one of the most followed celebrities on social media. Here she shares all the latest updates in her life and surprises fans with cute snippets of her life now and then.

Taylor Swift Net Worth – Real Estate

Taylor Swift has got quite the real estate portfolio. She owns a condo in Nashville, which she bought when she was just 20 years old. This condo’s worth is $3 million. Additionally, in 2011, she got her hands on real estate in the suburbs of Nashville for $2.5 million.

She also owns a $30 million mansion in Los Angeles. She bought this one back in September 2015.

Taylor also has a 12,000-square-foot vacation pad in Rhode Island to her name. She bought this one for $6.65 million in 2013. And yes, this is the one in which we saw Tom Hiddleston once upon a time.

Tay Tay has invested the most in New York. She owns several apartments here worth $50 million approximately. It all started in 2014 when she bought a penthouse in Tribeca. She, later on, went to transform this penthouse into a 10-bedroom duplex. Then in 2017, Swift spent $12.5 million to buy a penthouse next to the duplex. And then, she spent another $10 million to get a condo in her previous building back in 2018.

Taylor Swift Endorsements

Taylor Swift doesn’t really do many endorsements now, but she has had a history of working with some huge companies. This includes Apple, AT&T, CoverGirl, Verizon Wireless, Keds, and Diet Coke. Her relationship with all these companies was kept private, so we don’t really know how much she earned from her endorsements. But, we are sure the value lies in millions.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Nothing says rich like Taylor Swift net worth, which is $570 million (according to Forbes). Back in August 2017, Taylor Swift net worth was $280 million. So in a period of 5 years, she has more than doubled her net worth. Wow! You go, gurl!

Taylor Swift Net Worth
Taylor Swift Net Worth
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