BMF Season 2 Release Date – Returning on Starz

BMF or Black Mafia Family is a crime drama television series that follows an organization named Black Mafia Family. This organization deals with money laundering and drugs, so the angle of crime comes into place. The first season of BMF premiered on September 26, 2021. Just after the first season premiere, the series’ renewal was confirmed. So, BMF Season 2 is officially happening! If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can watch it on Starz, the original network for the first series. Randy Huggins is the creator of the crime drama. 

BMF Season 2 Cast

We expect all the primary casts to return for BMF Season 2. The list of the cast for the upcoming season is as follows:

BMF Season 2 Cast
BMF Season 2 Cast
  • Russell Hornsby as Charles Flennory 
  • Da Vinci as Terry Southwest T 
  • Michole Briana as Lucille 
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Lamar 
  • Ajiona Alexus as Kato 
  • Myles Truitt as B-Mickie 
  • Steve Harris as detective Bryant 
  • Jasun Jabbar as Dink 
  • Tyshon Freeman as Hoop 
  • Jon Chaffin as older Meech 
  • Kash Doll as Monique
  • Sydney Mitchell as LaWanda 
  • Lil’ Zane as Sockie 

There might be the addition of a few faces in the upcoming season. We for sure know that Mo’Nique will be joining the casts of Season 2. 

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Mo’Nique is a huge addition to the second season of the series. She is an award-winning actress and comedian. She is an Academy Award winner. Therefore, we can expect something massive from Season 2 of BMF. According to reports, Mo’Nique will be playing the role of a formidable ally for the Flenory brothers. 

BMF Season 2 Release Date 

At the time of writing, we only know that BMF Season 2 is happening. Till now, there is no confirmed release date for the second season. Considering that the series was renewed for the second season after the first season’s premiere, we expect that Season 2 will be happening in the later half of 2022. We will update this section with a confirmed release date once it is officially announced. 

BMF Season 2 Release Date 
BMF Season 2 Release Date


The true story of two brothers inspires BMF. The first season threw light on the story of the Flenory brothers. The brothers are known for creating Black Mafia Family, a major drug trafficking network. In the first season’s last episode, Meech discovers a disturbing alliance. After the discovery, she creates a plan to eliminate the threat. Even though the official synopsis of Season 2 of BMF is not yet unavailable, we can guess the second season’s plot.

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From plenty of sources, we have laid our hands on the role of Mo’Nique in BMF Season 2. She will play a significant role in the second season. Now that we know about her role, we can safely guess what we can see in the second season. Mo’Nique will play the role of Goldie in the upcoming season. Mo’Nique is a strip club owner in Atlanta, which is a sophisticated one, and she is street smart too. She is the one who will help the Flenory brother in their migration from Detroit to Atlanta. She is a fierce protector. Further, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty to protect her people. For her strong mind, she is known to get her business done whatever it takes. 

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Even though we don’t have a release date for BMF Season 2, but still, you can get hold of an early look at the characters of the second series. Mo’Nique on Instagram has shared her dress-up as Goldie. Her look was shared by 50cent. With her look, it was also announced that she would be joining the second season as Goldie. 


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