Big Brother 24 Release Date and Cast Confirmed

A while ago, CBS informed the fans that Big Brother 24 would be arriving this year (2022). But we are almost halfway through, and the significant details are still not out yet. What does that say about the future of Big Brother? And there are a lot of rumors on the web too. So, to clear all the confusion, make sure that you read the following article as it covers all your queries in detail. 

Big Brother is one of the oldest franchises on CBS and also a prevalent one! It is a live show in which participants have to live together inside one house. And the participants are chosen randomly; they do not know anyone. Their only job is to survive inside the house, which is infested with cameras and microphones. Obviously, as the show progresses, some participants get eliminated. This is how we get our final winner. And according to specific reports, the winner, this time, will take $750,000 home! This is the highest prize the winner of Big Brother has ever won. So, we know that the upcoming 24th season of Big Brother will undoubtedly be different from the previous ones. 

Big Brother 24 Cast

If you’re hoping for the guests of the 23rd season to return to Big Brother 24, then you are wrong! Because CBS has confirmed that the upcoming season will have new guest members. And this is the general rule they have followed all along. But of course, one of the members from the 23rd season (or the winner) might make a cameo in the 24th installment. But that is a topic for another day. 

Big Brother 24 Cast
Big Brother 24 Cast

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Jesse Tannenbaum once again headed the casting process. The applications for the participants started around February of 2022 and ended in June. So, know that the casting part is done! Luckily the official site of CBS has finally revealed the highly anticipated guest members of Big Brother 12. They are as follows:

  • Jojo Spatafora: Her age is 26, she is from Staten Island (N.Y.), and she currently works as a bartender. 
  • Kara Monaco: Her age is 29, she is from Orlando (Flo), and she currently works as a model. Moreover, she lives in Los Angeles. 
  • Shane Meaney: His age is 26, he is from Bennington (Vt), and he currently works as a House Flipper.
  • Wil Heuser: His age is 24, he is from Louisville (Ky), and he currently works as a Marketing consultant.
  • Willie Hantz: His age is 34, he is from Vinton (L.A.), and he works as a tankerman. Plus, he lives in Dayton, Texas.


  • Ashley Iocco: Her age is 26, she is from Pittsburgh (P.A.), and she is an owner of a mobile spray tanning company. She is currently residing in West Hollywood (California).
  • Daniella Murphree: Her age is 23. She is from Grant (Ala) and has worked as a nurse. 
  • Frank Eudy: His age is 28, he is from Marion (Ark), and he is unemployed.
  • Ian Terry: His age is 21, he is from Pittsburgh (P.A.), and he is an engineering student at Tulane University.
  • Jen Arroyo: Her age is 37. She is from Brooklyn (N.Y.) and has formerly worked as a bass player for the female band ‘Kittie.’
  • Jodi Rollins: Her age is 42. She is from Englewood (Colombia) and works as a Restaurant Server.
  • Joe Arvin: His age is 41. He is from Lexington (K.Y.) and is a chef. 

So, that was a detailed overview of the cast members of the upcoming 24th season of Big Brother. This time too, we will be getting Julie Chen Moonves as the host of Big Brother’s upcoming season. 

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Big Brother 24 Release Date

Big Brother 24 will return to CBS on 12th July 2022. You can watch live feeds on CBS All Access! The 24th season will last for a total of 82 days. And a little fun fact about this season; it will be the shortest one of all the installments of Big Brother (since the 14th season). 

The finale of the 24th season will premiere on 25th September 2022, which is a Sunday! 

Big Brother 24 Cast
Big Brother 24 Cast


If you’re an avid watcher of the series, then you must be aware of the fact that this show does not require a script. In fact, CBS will televise it live to the audience! And the same will happen, which has previously occurred in the past 23 seasons. But of course, with new guest members. 

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There is no trailer for Big Brother 24. But you can have a look at the guest members on the official site of CBS. So, this was all that you needed to know about the upcoming season of Big Brother. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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