Arifureta Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & Spoilers

Arifureta is an anime series that is based on a novel series that goes by the same name by Ryo Shirakome and the illustration of the book is crafted by Takayaki.

The series was adapted on December 3, 2017. Finally, Arifureta Season 1 was aired on July 8, 2019, and the last episode of the first season was aired on October 7, 2019. After the finale of the first season, it was confirmed that Arifureta Season 2 will be there.

Arifureta Season 1 encountered some quality and production concerns and despite that, it enjoyed success by gaining admiration worldwide. Now the fans have high hopes for Arifureta Season 2.

Arifureta Season 2: Release Date

It was released on 13th January 2022. The same was tweeted by the official Twitter account. It is produced by Studio Mother and Asread. However, this release date holds true for Japanese audiences. The international audiences will have to wait for two more weeks to watch Arifureta Season 2.

Currently, Funimation has the rights to the English-language version of Arifureta. A total of 12 episodes will be there in Arifureta Season 2. The first episode was aired on 13th January 2022, and the final episode will be aired on 7th April 2022.

Arifureta Season 2: Plot

The plot details of Arifureta Season 2 are still not available. However, an effort has been made to speculate the plot of Arifureta Season 2 based on the ending of Arifureta Season 1. Before knowing how Arifureta Season 2 will unfold, it is important to revise the plot of the first season of the series.

Arifureta Season 1 revolves around Hajime Nagumo who is tormented for his friendship with Kaori Shirasaki. The pupils were forced to participate in a dungeon raid during a visit to fantasy land.


Turns of events in the fantasy land take place in a way that the personality of Hajime changes and the character is left with alchemical weapons and other powers and he further develops white hard, one red eye, and his other eyes are covered with a jewel eyepatch.

The newfound power of Hajime makes him earn the title of “The Punisher of Isekai”.  The title is given to him for his power to bring death to anyone who is found standing in his way. He is then helped by Yue, a vampire; Shia, beast kin; Tio, a dragon, and Myu And Kaori who are mermaids.

At the end of Arifureta Season 1, Hajime was seen defeating the demon to rescue his friends, and further, Kaori confessed her love for him. According to sources, Arifureta Season 2 might see a flourishing relationship between Hajime and Yue.

What will make the plot interesting is the fact that Yue wants Hajime to pursue other females too along with her while Hajime only has eyes for Yue. The first seasons of the series had the theme revolving around isekai fantasy and the theme for Arifureta Season 2 will be on harem and therefore, one might get to see many new female characters in the second season.

Arifureta Season 2: Cast

The cast of Arifureta Season 2 are Hisashi Fukamachi (Hajime), Yuki Kuwahara (Yue), Minami Takahashi (Sia), Yoko Higasa (Tio), Saori Onishi (Kaori), Yumi Hanazari (Yaegashi), Tetsuya Kakihara (Mitsuki) and Ai Kakuma (Aiko).

Arifureta Season 2: Streaming Platforms

It will be available on online platforms like Hulu and YIDIO. In North America, the British Isles, Brazil, and Mexico, Funimation will be streaming the anime. The anime will be streamed through Wakanime in Europe and through AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.

Arifureta Season 2: Trailer 

The trailer of Arifureta Season 2 was released back in April 2021 in the official Twitter handle of Arifureta.

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