American Dad! Season 20 Release Date, Cast and Trailer

American Dad is an animated sitcom for adults that originated from the Family Guy franchise and was developed by Seth McFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman. Underdog Productions, Fuzzy Door Productions, and 20th Television Animation are all contributing to the making of this show as co-producers. Continue reading to know more about American Dad! Season 20.

The premiere of the first season took place on Fox in 2005, and the show has been airing on TBS continuously since 2014. It has been put forward for consideration for a number of awards, including two Annie Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards. The show has also been praised favorably by the media, and it is expected to return for American Dad! Season 20 very soon.

When will American Dad! Season 20 premiere? What’s the storyline? Who would play their roles again? For more information, keep reading.

American Dad! Season 20: Release Date

The producers of the show have not yet divulged any information regarding the premiere date of American Dad! Season 20. Given that the premiere of the 19th season took place on January 24, 2022, we can anticipate the premiere of the American Dad! Season 20 will take place sometime in 2023.

American Dad! Season 20: Release Date
American Dad! Season 20: Release Date

The upcoming season will probably consist of 22 episodes, just like the previous few seasons, and the remaining information regarding the upcoming season will be disclosed when the new season begins airing.


There is currently no trailer available for the upcoming 20th season of American Dad. It is still a few months away.

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The creators of American Dad! Season 20 has not yet provided any details regarding the storyline for the upcoming season. The Smith family, who are members of an upper middle class, live in the town of Langley Falls, Virginia, with their four housemates. The basic premise of the show follows this group.

The residents of the house include:

  • Republican father, husband, CIA agent, and breadwinner Stan;
  • his wife, Francine; their college-age leftist and
  • hippie daughter, Hayley; and
  • their nerdy high-school-aged son, Steve.
American Dad! Season 20: Confirmed
American Dad! Season 20: Confirmed

There are three additional characters, which include

  • Klaus, an unusual goldfish that belongs to the family,
  • Roger, an alien and Hayley’s boyfriend, eventually became her husband, Jeff Fischer.

Avery Bullock, Stan’s boss and the Deputy Director of the CIA, makes appearances as a recurring character throughout the series.

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When it comes to the cast, we will get to see:

  • Seth McFarlane,
  • Wendy Schaal,
  • Scott Grimes,
  • Rachael McFarlane,
  • Dee Bradley Baker,
  • Jeff Fischer, and
  • Patrick Stewart

making a return appearance to provide the voices for their respective characters.

American Dad! Season 20 Cast
American Dad! Season 20 Cast

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American Dad! Season 20: Confirmed

Weitzman has also mentioned a Halloween special, a Christmas special, and an episode that will take place in the “metaverse.” American Dad does not appear to be ending anytime soon. The premiere of Season 19 of American Dad occurred earlier this year, and the renewal of the show for Seasons 20 and 21 has already been announced. Weitzman has stated that he would be satisfied if the series ended today, which may be a sentiment that is understandable after working on a series for nearly two decades.

American Dad has, however, withstood the test of time and has a run that surpasses many shows that are forgotten after a single season. While it’s possible that an American Dad movie won’t be made anytime soon, the show will continue on with plenty of new episodes in the near future.

American Dad! Season 20: Confirmed
American Dad! Season 20: Confirmed

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Wrap Up

At the time of writing, we know that American Dad! Season 20 is confirmed along with Season 21. However, the release date of American Dad! Season 20 is yet to come. We will update you with all the information regarding the upcoming season as soon as it is available. Till then, stay updated with us.

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