Monsters INC 3: Renewed or Canceled?

Monster Inc 3 can be expected to get a renewal status with another laughter world of Sully and Mike’s Monstropolis.

Creative and inventive, the world of Monstropolis has a possible way out for Monsters Inc 3, rather than being canceled. Monsters Inc, an animation movie series, since its first debut in 2001 to its present prequel Monsters University (2013), has been a great success for Pixar Animation Studios. Prevalent with the bursts of laughter emerging from Mike and Sulley’s encounters in both worlds of the series are the facts that highly speculate for the future release. 

Monsters Inc 3, a possible continuation in the franchise, is not merely based on the series’ consistent success. Rather, the series has already been announced with a desire to release its four sequels. Like, Mr. Pete Docter (a director of Monster Inc, 2001), with a strong determination, expressed in 2016 that the series will be continued, and their wish is to have its four parts, as per UPS (

Onwards, we will see what else can be counted as the series’ possible renewal with Monsters Inc. 3. The discussion about the series renewal will also establish some speculations for the plot, cast, and release date.

Will the Series Monsters Inc.’ Have Its 3rd Sequel?

The Prevalent Possibility: Renewal of Monsters Inc.3

So the possibility that underlies the question “will there be another movie in the Monsters Inc. franchise?” can have a big Yes! For instance, Pixar Animation Studios has already confirmed that the Monsters Inc 3 plot has been written, as per UPS. However, Merve Elli (from UPS) notes that there has not been an official announcement from the creators.

Since the new narrative for Monsters Inc. 3 has been written. Then let’s presume the new plot, down to this floor!

Will the Series Monsters Inc.' Have Its 3rd Sequel?
Will the Series Monsters Inc.’ Have Its 3rd Sequel?

The ‘Changing Narrative’ of the Monsters World: Monsters Inc. 3

Previously, both Monsters Inc. and its prequel Monsters Universities portrayed the narratives about the past and present actions of Sully (John Goodman) and Mike’s life. The 2001 release of Monsters Inc. presented them with a struggle to compete and win a higher place in the Monsters Inc. company. Alongside, setting their missions to scare the human child intelligibly led them to a previously unknown discovery: that children’s laugh is more energetic than screams. A discovery that opened another and a more polite way for Monsters Inc. to success while restoring energy for their Monstropolis’ power plant.

Secondly, Monsters University, a prequel to the 2001 release, focused on Sully and Mike’s past state in the university. In this movie’s prequel, both Sully and Mike (Billy Crystal) are presented as being enrolled in the university’s scarring program. Meanwhile, the plot again dragged both into a struggle to overcome their in capacitance in order to maintain their position for their dream discipline, the “scarring program.” After being done with some great efforts, along with some faults, though, they get disapproval for their studies at the university. Meanwhile, they ended up getting a job at “Monsters Inc.”.

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The ‘Changing Narrative’ of the Monsters World: Monsters Inc. 3

The 'Changing Narrative' of the Monsters World: Monsters Inc. 3
The ‘Changing Narrative’ of the Monsters World: Monsters Inc. 3

So after moving backward, now, Monsters Inc 3 can be expected with a plot forwarding from the domain of Monsters Inc. company.

Like, Merve Elli has also shared some glimpses about the new storyline of Monsters Inc. 3. For example, she writes that this time the plot will base its scarring mission on the adults rather than the children. Also, both Sully and his best friend Mike will be struggling with some new but evil characters. So, this time they would probably be getting another heroic task in the series’ Monsters Inc. 3. 

Additionally, Elli believes that both monsters will try to create fear among children in Monsters Inc. 3. Meanwhile, they will be searching for some decent jobs to keep avoidance from other monsters’ bullies.

Well, do you like to know the characters that are expected for the 3rd release in the franchise Monsters Inc.? If yes, then keep reading!

The Expected Characters for Monsters Inc. 3 

The series Monsters Inc. presents a variety of characters, unusually alternative to Pixar’s previous productions, as per Drew Taylor (from IndieWire). For instance, there is a world setting in the story of Monstropolis: a world of Monsters. Alongside only having one human character in the lead cast, named Boo, a little girl, besides her, the leading monsters Sully and Mike.

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Elli from UPS expects some of the characters like Taylor Tuskmon and Val Little from “Monsters at Work” (a television prequel of the series), as ones who may reprise their roles in Monsters Inc. 3. Her expectations for these two may be counted on how she has observed them. For instance, she believes that Taylor is somehow “selfish in decisions” but still “fans like him.” 

On the other hand, the troublesome trait of Val Little’s character is that it becomes hard to acknowledge where her thoughts are genuine or not. And perhaps, this particularity of her character may be the reason for Elli’s speculation about her return to Monsters Inc. 3.

Say about Mike and Sully’s return has already been articulated in the Monsters Inc. plot three expectations.

Finally, the speculations for Boo’s character. As Elli has also said, there are fewer chances (or none) because the plot has been expected to play scarring over adults. So yeah. But who knows? It can also be possible that Boo may be reprising the character of a younger girl.

Alright, we have discussed the possibilities tied with another strong possibility of Monsters Inc. 3 return. Now, at last, let’s have speculation for Monsters Inc. 3 release date.

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The Release Date Expectation for Monsters Inc. 3

Yet the franchise has not announced any confirmed date for Monsters Inc. 3. But, according to Merve Elli, it was previously confirmed that the series would have its release in 2021. Later, due to the pandemic, it was delayed for release in late 2022. So yeah, it’s late 2022 already. Let’s see when the laughter will burst again.


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