Will there be a Zootopia+ Season 2?

Zootopia+ is the spin-off series of the hit movie Zootopia. Disney+ is expanding into a different range of content. And since the movie was a major hit, there was potential for another spin-off series. But even before the show debuted, people already had mixed reviews about it. Because apparently, the trailer for the sequel came out two days before the actual debut. So, what does this say about Disney’s attitude toward the future of the show? Will we get a Zootopia+ Season 2? Well, to find out, continue reading the article!

If we look at the matter, it all boils down to how the audience received the show. There is already a stable fanbase for the content. But will the series cater to the expectations of the fanbase? This is a major factor that will decide the future of the show. As the show has just recently come out, the reviews are of all kinds! But we do have hope. 

Has Disney announced the renewal of Zootopia+ Season 2?

To answer your question bluntly, Disney+ has not yet announced the renewal for Zootopia+ Season 2. But stay with us! This does not necessarily mean that Disney+ has dropped the show. We still have hope. Why? You’ll read about it later. 

Has Disney announced the renewal of Zootopia+ Season 2?
Has Disney announced the renewal of Zootopia+ Season 2?

According to the official words of Disney, the series debuted on 9th November 2022. By choice of words, we can figure out that the streaming site might have planned on putting out more than just one season of the show. However, this might be just us overanalyzing their statements. The viewership and ratings of the first season will, of course, play a major role in the renewal status. 

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What is the official release date for Zootopia+ Season 2?

As Zootopia+ Season 2 is not confirmed on paper yet. There is no release date for it either. The batch of episodes of the first season premiered on 9th November 2022. 

We can’t exactly predict when to expect the second season. As it all depends on the filming schedule. The spin-off series talked about the town for a long time. Gradually they were revealing information in bits and pieces. Until September, when we finally started getting the major chunks. A 6 to the 8-month window between the two seasons is normal. So, this means that we are not getting to see our beloved characters back on our screens anytime sooner than the first half of 2022. 

But this might not be true in the case of the second season of Zootopia+ because the episode count is not quite long. Hence it should take the team less time to work on it. These are just speculations from our side. Hence it is better to wait for Disney+ to confirm the news. Then we can proceed from there. 

What is the official release date for Zootopia+ Season 2?
What is the official release date for Zootopia+ Season 2?

So, to conclude, Disney+ has neither renewed nor canceled the show! Rest assured, we’ll try our best to add to this in case of any major updates. 

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Are there any other details about Zootopia+ Season 2? 

No, that was all that you needed to know about the potential second season. Unfortunately, we are running quite low on information! 

In case you still haven’t streamed the show. Consider this as a sign to stream it exclusively on Disney+. In case the streaming site is not available in your region, a good VPN subscription will do the work for you! The show comprises six animated shorts. Each one targeted a beautiful storyline. It has all the major characters from the original movie. You can stream the trailer of the show on YouTube. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect from the show! 

Are there any other details about Zootopia+ Season 2? 
Are there any other details about Zootopia+ Season 2?

So, that was everything relevant that you needed to know about Zootopia+ Season 2. Due to the limited content that we have regarding it, we couldn’t update you about it extensively. But we are hoping that in the near future, as we near the premiere of the sequel, Disney+ will let us in on the inside news. So, until then, stay tuned! 

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