Anne With An E Season 4 Release Date – Will it be Premiered or not?

Anne With An E Season 4 is something that the fans are expecting without knowing whether it will be airing or not. The series first premiered in March 2018 on CBC and it was aired on Netflix two months later and it became globally available and globally popular. The series is based on the book series written by Lucy Maud Montgomery back in 1907. Anne With An E is like a retelling of the classic book but with a brand new interpretation. The series is modern and is grittier than the book and perhaps, this is the reason why it became instantly so popular. 

Will There Be Anne With An E Season 4?

Will There Be Anne With An E Season 4?
Will There Be Anne With An E Season 4?

There will not be Anne With An E Season 4 even though the series was popular. The show was cancelled after the three-season and the finale episode was aired on 3rd January, 2019. The reason for the cancellation was cited as an issue between Netflix and CBC. Even though Season 4 is cancelled, the fans of the series are not giving up without a fight. In fact, they are petitioning for a revival of the series in Season 4. 

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The Fans Are Disappointed!

The cancellation of Anne With An E Season 4 was a huge disappointment for the fans of the series. The disappointment comes from the fact that many plotlines of the series are still unfinished. Fans are clueless about many characters. For instance, the story of Ka’kwet is still unknown and without the release of Season 4, the fans will never know what happens to her. Also, without the release of Season 4, the fans are left with an abrupt ending of the series which is frustrating and disappointing for the fans. Everyone wants closure, even if it is a series!

Themes of Anne With An E 

The series gained popularity because of the important themes that it addressed. Few of the prominent topics of the show have been struggles of self-esteem, social injustice and loss. Even the books addressed these issues. However, in the series, there was a modern take of the same old issues which made the series very appealing. In fact, many fans described the series as edgier than the actual book. 

Is There A Chance For Anne With An E Season 4?

Even though Anne With An E Season 4 is cancelled, the fans are wondering if there is a tiny bit of chance of Season 4. Sadly, the chances of Season 4 happening is narrow. However, one cannot ignore the fact that there have been previous campaigns to bring back a series and it has worked because, for Netflix, the viewers are the supreme deciders. The same cannot be said for Season 4 because it is unknown whether Netflix will be solely responsible in starting Season 4 or there will be involvement of CBC in Canada in renewing the series. 

Even though whether the series will make a comeback or not is still dicy, the fans are hoping for the best and are focusing to ensure that the makers know that the fans want Anne With An E Season 4 for proper closure. The three seasons of Anne With An E covered 27 episodes. The genre of the series belongs to coming-of-age and period drama. The series has done a great job in tackling social issues and has won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Series both in 2017 and 2018. 

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