365 Days 3 Will Be the Last Movie in the Trilogy

Behold fans of 365 Days because the upcoming part will be the last one of the franchise! But are these just rumors, or is it official? The movies are based on the trilogy novels of Blanka Lipinska as there are three books, and we expect there will be three movies too. The second part came out recently on Netflix and did just as well as the first movie. Let’s address the central question; is the cast now filming for 365 Days 3? You’ll find out later in the article!

Great news for fans because the franchise will get a third movie soon. It does not have a confirmed title yet, so the fans are going with 365 Days 3. But the title of the third book is The Next 365 Days. According to specific reports, the second and third parts were filmed back to back. So, there is more to Laura and Masimo’s story. And the renewal isn’t the latest news. In fact, after the first movie’s incredible success on the streaming site, Netflix ordered two more parts of it. 

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365 Days 3 Cast

We are fortunate as the officials have already confirmed a few cast members who will star in the upcoming threequel. Of course, Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka will surely return as Masimo and Laura because making the third movie without them is impossible. 

365 Days 3 Cast
365 Days 3 Cast

Other than them the following will also feature in 365 Days 3:

  • Simone Susinna as Nacho
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico
  • Grazyna Szapolowska as Klara
  • Tomasz Stockinger as Tomasz

Although the cliffhanger of the second movie showed Laura in danger, we are sure that she’ll survive somehow. However, the same can not be said about Natasza Urbanska, who played the role of Anna (Massimo’s ex-lover) as she was brutally killed. We hope that Nacho will play a bigger role in the upcoming movie. 

As the second movie just came out in April, we do not yet have the information regarding the new additions which will be joining the cast of the threequel. So, you’ll have to remain patient to find that out! 

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365 Days 3 Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that 365 Days 3 is on its way, but they did not issue an official release date yet. But as mentioned before, the production for the sequel and threequel continued back to back. Deducing from this, expect to see the third movie somewhere in 2023. It can’t be any earlier than that because the 2nd part of 365 Days premiered in April of 2022. 

365 Days 3 Release Date
365 Days 3 Release Date

The filming for the third movie continued in May or June 2021. So, the film must be now in its post-production phase. If you can’t wait to find out what happens next, especially after the intense cliffhanger, we suggest you treat yourself to the third novel! The English version is also now available. So, hurry up before you miss out. 


Of course, 365 Days 3 will also derive most of its contents from the novels. But there can be a few changes here and there. We still do not have an official plot synopsis for the threequel. We saw how Laura and Massimo’s marriage didn’t exactly turn out to be a fairy tale. Instead, a lot of hurdles came in their way early. Expect the third movie to revolve around this storyline. Will they fix their relationship? Guess we’ll find out once the third movie releases. 

The second movie was a lot to take in for sure. Anna died horribly, and with the introduction of Massimo’s twin brother, things started going South. Hence the plot is about to become a lot spicier in the upcoming movie. Although the filmmakers have been quiet regarding the movie’s storyline, we can still have a sneak peek at the book!

To put it briefly, Laura’s life will not get any easier. After all, she is married to the most notorious drug dealer. When Massimo’s enemies can’t attack him, they will come for the ones he is attached to. And this is why Laura will have to pay the price. And to make the situation worse, Laura was also pregnant. If something happens to her, will Massimo be able to raise their child alone? Given his demanding job, he will have to come up with something, or else everything will turn ashes. 

The plot mentioned above is just the gist of the third book. Expect to see something of this sort. 

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Although the filming for 365 Days 3 must be complete by now, we still don’t have a trailer or any footage from the movie. Hence, all you can do now is survive on re-watching the previous two films or stream the fan-made edits. 

This was everything relevant that you needed to know about 365 Days 3. For more updates, stay tuned! 


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