Zac Efron gay, Queer, Sterile or Bi?

Zac Efron is recently in the news as there are reports that he will be playing the role of Kevin Von Erich in the upcoming movie based on Von Erich. It is a family biopic. The filming of the same will begin this year in October in Louisiana. The title of the movie is Iron Claw. According to sources, the production will begin in mid-October and will be wrapped by December. A24 is the financier of the movie.

Further, Sean Durkin is both the writer and director of the movie. With this news, people have again started googling is Zac Efron gay. If you are wondering the same, we have covered it all whether Zac Efron is gay or not. 

Zac Efron Gay Rumors

This is not the first time Zac Efron rumours are circulating the internet. Firstly, he has dated stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins. This alone confirms that he is not gay. However, he is happy to embrace the Zac Efron gay rumours owing to his large gay fanbase. He is okay with people questioning his sexuality. 

Zac Efron Gay Rumors
Zac Efron Gay Rumors

In fact, he finds it very flattering. He further revealed that after the success of Hairspray and High School Musical, he felt that the gay community had embraced him. Furthermore, he is very thankful for it. He said he does not want to live in fear because of the Zac Efron gay rumour and the backlash he is facing. It is just the way that he has been brought up.

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Also, he rightly said that there is nothing wrong with being gay. He further supports gay marriage. The reason behind it is very logical; everyone deserves to be happy. Efron also revealed that this issue had affected many people in his life, including his close friends. He just wants everyone to be happy. 

He Doesn’t Have Any Preconceived Notions

Commenting on Zac Efron rumours, Efron who grew up in California and later found his passion in music theatre, said there is nothing wrong with being gay. It’s just another way a person can be. Further, he has no preconceived notions regarding it. He also revealed that he does not judge anyone and will never judge anyone in the future too. 

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Zac Efron Gay Press Interview In 2012

The actor cleared all the Zac Efron gay rumours in 2012 in a gay-press interview. He further talked about marriage equality in the same interview. The interview indicated that he earned quite a fame in the gay blogosphere when he appeared in wet undies in the movie. In the answer, he said that he feels very flattered to know that, and at the same time, he is honoured and grateful. He also added that he always felt embraced by the gay community. 

Zac Efron Gay Press Interview In 2012
Zac Efron Gay Press Interview In 2012

Is Zac Efron Bi?

We know that he has dated beautiful women before and also, and he is popular among the gay community. This gave rise to another rumour that he is bisexual. However, it is again a rumour that took birth because of his musicals, gay press, drag dress, relationships with rumoured bisexual people and of course, his bromance.

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Even though he has revealed that he is not gay, he has not yet addressed anything about his bisexuality rumours. It is high time to close down the rumours because the sexual orientation of any person should never be a point of discussion or rumour. So, now we have rested the Zac Efron is gay rumours, and we believe that his bisexuality is again just another rumour. Many reports have confirmed that he is a straight guy. 


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