Jennifer Lopez wedding dress: Checkout the Beautiful Pics

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have tied the knot finally! Their wedding was a three-day event that was kept extremely private. The couple did not share any pictures from their side. But of course, there were some leaks. As those pictures are of low quality, it is hard to exactly tell the details of Jennifer Lopez wedding dress. But we have tried our best to relay the information regarding it in the article below! So, keep reading. 

More about Jennifer Lopez Wedding dress

For those who do not know, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go long back! In fact, they were engaged with each other in the early 2000s as well. But this romance did not last for long. However, their fates reconciled again. And just after three months of engagement, the pair agreed to marry each other. Jennifer Lopez is famous for her breathtaking dresses. This time too, she did not take it lightly. In fact, according to some sources, she wore two different dresses to the event, once in Las Vegas and for the second time in Georgia. 

More about Jennifer Lopez Wedding dress
More about Jennifer Lopez Wedding dress

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Jennifer did not keep the details from her fans, who were delighted to hear the glad news about her marriage. She revealed that she is lucky to have found love once again. In a heartfelt statement, she said love is quite patient! This was her referring to the patience of 20 years. The duration for which Jennifer and Affleck did not remain together. 

Jennifer Lopez wore Ralph Lauren’s wedding dress, which was a gown, to the formal ceremony. But in the event which took place in Vegas, she went for two dresses. One of these was from Zuhair Murad’s bridal collection, and the other one was the dress of Alexander McQueen! Her hairstylist even shared a glimpse of her in that dress, and she looked phenomenal in it. And you’ll be shocked to hear that Jennifer has had this dress in her closet for quite some time now. But she never got the chance to wear it. Looks like the dress was waiting for the perfect occasion, which was Lopez’s wedding. On the other hand, Ben Affleck wore a white tuxedo to the wedding. 

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Lopez wore the exact white dress in her movie ‘Jersey Girl,’ which she did with Affleck back in the day. All these intricate details about their wedding are straight out of a rom-com, and we are all here for it! In another interview, Lopez revealed another detail. She mentioned that it is all about patience. If you’re patient enough, you’ll get to experience the best wedding of your life because this is what happened with her!

Due to their sudden wedding, many fans also speculated about Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy. But it turns out that the couple hasn’t planned on any more kids now. A source close to them reported that both of them have agreed on being happy with the brood of children that they already have. The only goal, for now, is to co-parent in the best way possible. According to what we have seen in the pictures, both families have mingled with each other in a very heartfelt way. Lopez has twins, while Affleck has three kids. And they are all content with the life they are currently living. 

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So, that was everything about Jennifer Lopez wedding dress. For more information, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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