Is Mandy Moore pregnant?

Many celebrities have given the glad tidings of their motherhood in the past month! A while ago, Chrissy Teigen revealed her pregnancy, and now we have found out that Mandy Moore is also pregnant. But is Mandy Moore pregnant with Taylor Goldsmith’s child? Well, she is! Taylor is Mandy’s husband, and they are both in a healthy relationship. To know more about her pregnancy and her views on it, continue reading the article! 

Those who do not know Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore already have a child named August Gus Harrison. He is 15 months old! 

Mandy Moore on motherhood

On Friday, the 38-year-old star announced via her Instagram post that she was expecting another baby. Her post reflected the fact that she was quite happy to discover this news. And is equally excited to embark on this new chapter of her life along with Taylor Goldsmith. She also mentioned her tour, which she was supposed to go on. Well, she has to put her family and health first, so the tour will not go as expected. However, she is quite happy about all of it. In the post, we saw Gus wearing a big brother shirt. Looks like the whole family is delighted. 

Mandy Moore on motherhood
Mandy Moore on motherhood

Moore has previously been quite vocal about her life as a mother. Last month she dedicated a post to her son Gus and how much he has affected her life in the best ways possible. Motherhood really suits her! In an interview, she mentioned that all the cliches about motherhood are totally true. You start to view life from a different angle once you enter this phase of your life. Because this is exactly what happened with her, she also said that now she’s going to be mindful of her career as well. As in what she writes about and the kind of roles she plays. In simple words, everything is different for her now. But in a good sense. 

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During her first pregnancy, she worked as an actor as well. And she got sick in the middle, which made her realize that it was not easy at all! In fact, she was shocked at how women dealt with all of it. But despite all of this, she is hoping that she’ll expand her family more. In a Pregnancy Podcast, the actress revealed that although the whole process was quite painful, she would gladly go through all of it again. This shows the power of motherhood! Well, the same symptoms kicked in this time too. Shortly she found out that she was pregnant. Due to these symptoms, the star had to cancel a few shows. She issued a public apology for cancelling at the last moment. 

When she made the decision about the tour, she was unaware of the fact that she was pregnant. The news came unexpectedly to her. But because of her health, she’ll have to make this decision. It is expected of fans to be understanding. But she made a promise that once she had recovered, she’ll get back to producing even better content, and the fans would not be left disappointed. 

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Throughout this second pregnancy, she has posted her belly bumps on her Instagram. While she was filming for the ‘This is Us’ finale, it was barely visible. But it was because she was working hard, and it was her early months as well. Moore is quite excited about her pregnancy this time as well. You can scroll through her Instagram for regular updates on her pregnancy. It is impressive how she is pulling so many looks despite her pregnancy. In fact, she has not missed out on any major event. This proves how devoted she is not only to her personal but also professional life. 

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Well, that was everything about Mandy Moore pregnant actress! For more updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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