Chrissy Teigen Pregnant Almost After 2 Years of Miscarriage

When it comes to power couples in Hollywood, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend surely lead the way. The couple has yet again made headlines with them expecting another baby. We are happy for Chrissy because of what she went through in the past years. And as fans, we are relieved to hear that everything is normally going for her once again. To know more about the topic ‘Chrissy Teigen pregnant,’ continue reading the article!

More about Chrissy Teigen pregnant

Chrissy Teigen made the news official via her Instagram post. She posted a picture of her baby bump and also shared with the world how scared she was to make this new official. Ever since she lost her child in a miscarriage, she has been quite vocal about her fertility issues. Her talking about these issues must have helped other women who are going through the same trauma but never had the sources to make their situation better. 

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You can view the post on her official Instagram account. So, the news ‘Chrissy Teigen pregnant with John Legend’s child’ is true! The following details are all extracted from her Instagram post’s caption. 

More about Chrissy Teigen pregnant
More about Chrissy Teigen pregnant

Chrissy Teigen mentioned the fears that come with one’s pregnancy, especially if it’s after a miscarriage. It was a unique experience for her. Because every time she had an appointment, she mentally prepared herself to stay ready to announce to the world if everything turned out healthy. Her caption reflected the fact that she had finally healed from the trauma. After a number of treatments, the couple is finally expecting another baby. We hope that he’ll be welcomed into this world by his healthy parents. 

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In October 2020, the actress had to suffer because of a miscarriage. It was a baby boy, Jack. Due to certain complications, the baby couldn’t make it, but thankfully Chrissy made it out. Although the trauma that followed after it was not easy to keep up with. 

She is now expecting her 4th child. And this miracle happened through IVF and the egg retrieval process. She referred to it as a billion shots’ in her legs. Although things are now healthy, she is still afraid of what the future holds. But this nervousness is quite normal in her case. Hopefully, as she is more careful, everything will go smoothly. But the actress is delighted to be able to experience this feeling once again. The couple already has two kids; Luna Simone (6 years old) and Miles Theodore (4 years old). Their third child Jack could not make it because of excess blood loss. The couple made this news official shortly after this painful incident. They mentioned how it was so difficult for them to go through all of it as it was an unimaginable kind of pain. 

Chrissy has not refrained from speaking about the matter in interviews. In fact, she has shared a lot of things in quite a detail. She revealed in an interview that she and John never decide on their future kid’s name until the last moment. But it was different for Jack as they had already started calling the unborn baby by his name. Although she is sad about the fact that he couldn’t make it, it still makes her feel proud that Jack fought till his very last breath to become a part of this beautiful family. 

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 Back in April 2021, she discussed issues regarding infertility. It felt like something was off because although she was healthy, she couldn’t conceive, which was difficult for her to accept. But later, she made peace with the fact that the fault was not in her. However, after numerous tries, Chrissy Teigen is finally pregnant! 

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