Why Her Season 1: KDrama Release Date, Story, and Trailer

Why Her Season 1 is an upcoming South Korean Television Series. Park Soo-jin is directing the show. Why Her belongs to the genre of mystery, melodrama, legal drama, and romantic drama. Kim Ji-eun is the writer of the show, and it is created by Studio S. Further, VO Media and Studio S are the production companies involved in it, and SBS is the director of the show. The script reading of the show has already taken place last year, and the filming of Why Her Season 1 began in November 2021. However, the filming of the series was later stopped as the director was diagnosed with Covid-19. Luckily, the co-directors took the charge, and now, Why Her Season 1 is on its way.

Why Her Season 1 Release Date

Season 1 is scheduled to be released on 3rd June 2022 on SBS TV. After that, fresh episodes will be aired every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 KST. The first season of the series will feature 16 episodes and will have a runtime of 70 minutes.

Why Her Season 1 Release Date
Why Her Season 1 Release Date

Why Her Season 1 Plot

The plot of Why Her Season 1 revolves around Soo-jae, who is a talented lawyer. She is further the youngest partner at TK Law firm, which is considered the best law firm in South Korea. Soo-jae is an ambitious lady who loves to win her cases while following her principles. She is used to success, but then she gets involved with a case that results in her demotion. At the law school, she meets Gong Chan, who is a student there and has a painful past but still manages to keep his heart warm. Gong Chan falls in love with Soo-jae and enters a situation where he is willing to do anything to protect her. The main villain of the show is Choi Tae-kook, who is the chairman of TK Law Firm and does mind doing illegal and immoral things in order to satisfy his desires.

Why Her Season 1 Plot
Why Her Season 1 Plot

Soo-jae is obviously not happy with her demotion; as a result of this, she now has to take the role of adjunct professor at a local law school. She is determined to come back to the firm to regain her position, and while doing so, she further tries to get comfortable with her role. After meeting Gong Chan, her pain of demotion starts to lessen.

The plot of the first season of Why Her will now explore whether the determination of Soo-jae, along with the support of Gong Chan, is enough to recover her lost position?

Why Her Season 1 Cast

The primary cast of Why Her Season 1 are:

  • Seo Hyun-jin as Oh Soo-jae
  • Hwang In-youp as Gong Chan
  • Huh Joon-ho as Choi Tae-kook
  • Bae In-hyuk as Chaoi Yoon-sang
Why Her Season 1 Cast
Why Her Season 1 Cast

Support casts of the series includes Ji Seung-hyun as Choi Joo-wan, Lee Joo-woo as Song Mi-rim, Jeon Jin-ki as Ha ll-goo, Lee Geung as Han Seong-beom, and Park Shin-woo as Han Dong-oh.


The trailer of Why Her Season 1 is available. Ckeck out the official trailer below:

She has faced hurdles since the filming of the series began as Park Soo-jin was diagnosed with Covid-19. He could not join the filming set due to health reasons. His position was temporarily replaced by PD Kim Ji-yeon and Kang Bo-seung, who are co-directors of the show. In March this year, Park Soo-jin managed to return to the show. However, most of the filming had already taken place by then. It will be interesting to see how Season 1 appears to be with the involvement of three directors in a direct manner. The hopes for the series are high, considering the strong plot.

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