Who Is Steven Adams Girlfriend?

Steven Adams is an NBA player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. The New Zealander has a huge fan following who love to see him play and know everything about him. If you are one of them and want to know more about Adams’s personal life, such as Who is Steven Adams Girlfriend?, then you have come to the right place.

Kayla Kiriau is Steven Adams’s girlfriend and also a professional basketball player. In 2021, she also played for the South West Metro Pirates. Even after knowing her name and profession, if you are wondering who is Steven Adams girlfriend? and want to know more about her, keep reading.

Who Is Steven Adams Girlfriend, Kayla Kiriau? 

Born on June 15, 1993, Steven Adams’s girlfriend is 29 years old. Moreover, she was raised in New Zealand and attended Sheridan College. She received an associate degree in general studies in 2013. In addition, Steven Adams’s girlfriend continued studying at Point Park University and got a bachelor’s degree in 2015. 

Who Is Steven Adams Girlfriend
Who Is Steven Adams Girlfriend

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Kayla Kiriau has always wanted to play sports. While growing up, her passion was becoming an athlete to represent her country, and she enjoyed playing basketball and football. Also, she played basketball throughout high school. Steven Adams’s girlfriend was also an excellent point guard basketball player at Point Park University.

Despite being a professional sportswoman, Kayla Kiriau is also not a social media influencer. She is a private person who does not like to stay in the limelight. Moreover, the duo keep their relationship away from the glitz and glam of social and electronic media. We cannot claim anything about their engagement or marriage, as we told you, as the couple is quite private when it comes to their relationship.

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We hope all your queries related to “Who is Steven Adams girlfriend?” have been answered. As the couple prefers privacy over the limelight, there is limited information on the internet. Fans are excited to see both of them together in a basketball game. Stay connected to get more exciting news in the future as well.

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