What Is Paul Cattermole Cause Of Death?

Paul Cattermole has unfortunately died at the young age of 46. He passed away on Thursday, April 6, after being found in his home in Dorset. Many people are shocked to hear about it and want to know Paul Cattermole cause of death. After all, the group S Club 7 had a substantial fanbase, and all of them are mourning Paul’s death. They are also eager to know Paul Cattermole cause of death and whether he was suffering from any disease.

Paul Cattermole Cause Of Death

Unfortunately, Paul Cattermole cause of death is unknown. However, the police have concluded that he did not die under any suspicious circumstances. 

Moreover, just a day before his death, he was found healthy and strolling in the countryside. Also, Cattermole’s death comes just a few weeks after S Club 7 had announced that they would be reuniting in October for a tour to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary. Now, it is unclear whether the band will continue with these plans after Paul Cattermole’s death or not.

What Is Paul Cattermole Cause Of Death
What Is Paul Cattermole Cause Of Death

Tributes Paid To Paul Cattermole

As the news of Cattermole’s departure began to spread, fans and industry professionals alike expressed their condolences and paid tribute to the former S Club 7 member. It was clear that Cattermole had touched the lives of many, and his contributions to the music industry would not be forgotten. 

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The news of Paul Cattermole’s departure from S Club 7 was met with a deep sense of shock and sadness, not only by fans but also by the group’s manager, Simon Fuller. Fuller, who had formed the band in 1998, had worked closely with Cattermole and recognized his significant impact on the group’s success. In his statement, Fuller described Cattermole as a “beacon of light” for a generation of pop music fans, highlighting his significant role in shaping the band’s identity and sound.

The band members of S Club 7 also took to social media to express their sorrow. In a heartfelt post, they expressed their devastation and the deep sadness they all felt at the news of his passing.

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The message from the bandmates talked about the bond they shared with Cattermole and his profound impact on their lives. They spoke of their gratitude for their time together, the memories they had created, and the experiences they had shared. The post was a poignant reminder of the special connection between the band members and the important role that Cattermole had played in their lives and their success as a group.

Who Is Paul Cattermole? 

Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Cattermole’s grandfather’s occupation at the renowned Abbey Road studios inspired him to pursue a career in music from a young age. As a teenager, he joined the National Youth Music Theatre.

At 16, Cattermole diverted from his theatrical ambitions and formed a heavy metal band called Skua. However, after some contemplation, he decided to join a pop group a few years later. Despite initial reservations, he saw the opportunity as too good to pass up.

S Club 7 rose to fame in 1999 through the BBC children’s television show Miami 7. The group quickly became a household name and a firm favourite with young audiences. Their popularity soon extended beyond the UK, with the group achieving international chart success and embarking on a string of sell-out tours.

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However, despite their phenomenal success, tensions began to rise within the group. Cattermole, in particular, was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the band’s direction. In 2002, he made the difficult decision to leave the group, citing disagreements with their management over the style of music. He felt the band wanted to move towards a more contemporary and edgy sound, while their management wanted them to stick to bubblegum pop. Furthermore, Cattermole has claimed that he did not receive a significant amount of the group’s money during their heyday. 

Later, Paul Cattermole took on a role in a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show. Unfortunately, he suffered a severe injury during the tour, which made it difficult for him to secure performing gigs. In the years that followed, Cattermole worked various odd jobs, including serving as the manager of a community radio station. Before the recent reunion announcement, he had been offering personal tarot readings.

In an interview in 2019, Cattermole spoke about his difficulties after leaving S Club 7 as he found it challenging to break free from the pop pigeonhole created for him. His association with S Club 7 was so strong that it was difficult for him to establish himself as a credible artist in other genres, such as rock. 

Even though, Paul Cattermole cause of death is unknown, his death has left a void in the music industry. Our condolences are with his family.


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