Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating Now?

Southern Charm, like its name, has charmed its way to the viewers hearts by allowing them to have a real-life look at the notoriously closed society of Charleston, South Carolina. Although the professional lives of a number of socialites residing there are of much intrigue to the fans of the show, it is actually their personal lives that make them stay rooted to their seats – the scandals, the alleged love interests, gruesome fights and, of course, hookups, out of which one of the stars of the show, who has been the centre of attention in this regard is none other than, Naomie Olindo. Agree with it or not, all we want to know in light of the recent events going on in her life is whether Naomie Olindo dating or not, right?

Well, fear not. We have dug up all the information that you need to know about Naomie Olindo.

Naomie Olindo Dating News – Who is the Lucky Guy?

With her return in the eighth season of “Southern Charm,” she left the fans wondering whether she happens to have a mystery man in her life after her split with her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Metul Shah. Although she has denied it many times that she is not in a relationship and has made it crystal clear to the press that she is apparently a single woman, her recent actions say otherwise.

Naomie Olindo Dating News - Who is the Lucky Guy?
Naomie Olindo Dating News – Who is the Lucky Guy?

During the Thursday night episode that aired on August 18,

  • The thirty-year-old confesses that she hooked up with her co-star and also the creator and executive producer of the show, Whitney Sudler-Smith.
  • It was the morning after the wedding of Patricia Altschul and Shep Rose’s dogs when she made the said revelation to her other co-stars, Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll.
  • Admitting that she not only made out with him, but he also stayed the night at her house after the dog party.

The said news in question not just knocked the socks out of both of her co-stars, who were shaken to their cores but also shocked the fans who just can not fathom this scenario even in their dreams.

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This, however, did raise many questions:

  • As lots of people were asking whether the reality t.v star Noami Olindo was dating Whitney Sudler-Smith.
  • Or did they engender a relationship out of the so-called hook-up now since the shooting of the said season is already wrapped up?

Unfortunately enough for us, nothing has been confirmed yet from both the parties at the question – the two of them still stand firm to the fact that they are indeed single for now.

Naomie Olindo Also Hooked Up with Her Ex- Boyfriend and Co-Star Craig Conover?

Naomie Olinda has made her comeback to the new season of the American reality show with a blast! We do not know if this was the aftereffect of the bad ending of her three-year-long relationship with Metul Shah (who cheated on her) or something else. But it seems like she is more than enthusiastic about kick-starting her dating journey. 

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Not to mention the main fact that:

  • We did get to know from the trailer of the eighth season that she did hook up with Craig Conover following her split with Dr. Metul Shah.
  • She even revealed in an interview that she was joining the dating game again and teased the fans that we all will “get to see it play out a bit on the show too.”

Well, we are definitely seeing it play out on our screens as she happens to indicate so generously to the audience in a prior interview. 

But nevertheless, it seems like the hook-up between Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover was just a hook-up and nothing more. Seeing that:

  • Things did not work out between them.
  • Craig Conover is now in a relationship with his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo and is quite happy with her.
  • Both decided to be just friends (however, they are not close friends).

Craig Conover “Disappointed” to Hear Naomie Olindo Dating Whitney Sudler-Smith?

Surprisingly enough, Craig Conover was not quite happy to hear that his ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo is romantically involved with one of his friends, Whitney Sudler-Smith. Which, if you ask me, does not make sense in the very least for him to call their actions “shady” – considering the integral factor that both Naomie and Craig have already ended things between each other, and Craig is also in a relationship with Paige DeSorbo. Henceforth, his confounding unhappiness over this news does seem weird but as per him:

Craig Conover "Disappointed" to Hear Naomie Olindo Dating Whitney Sudler-Smith?
Craig Conover “Disappointed” to Hear Naomie Olindo Dating Whitney Sudler-Smith?
  • Craig Conover thinks that hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, Whitney Sudler-Smith, has broken the “bro code” between them.
  • In a confessional video, he explains that he happens to think that “it’s [very] shady of Whitney. The bro code rules are complicated at times, I understand that, but it’s still my ex-girlfriend. Like what the f—?”
  • Not only that, he also makes a jab at his ex-girlfriend “Naomie Olindo” that he does not understand “her obsession with [Whitney Sudler-Smith].”

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But, in the end, he ultimately concludes that “but like, whatever, it’s [their] life” – so they can do whatever they want with it … yet it does not seem like Craig Conover supports it, though.

American Reality Show “Southern Charm” Fans Think that Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith Relationship is a Facade?

Fans around the world do not believe a bit that there is anything going on between the thirty years old Naomie Olindo and fifty-four years old Whitney Sudler-Smith. More or less, 

  • They consider this whole storyline a publicity stunt for the show.
  • As it seemingly appears to be a “fake” and “desperate” attempt to bring the reality show some spice as this season was “lacking storylines.”
  • Also, the fact that nothing was recorded and there happens to be no video proof of any sort makes the fans even more doubtful.
  • Since it is unlikely that they will miss something like that to record as the show films almost everything.

Considering the main fact that one person is starring in the show while the other is a producer does not help the accusations.

Is Naomie Olindo Dating or Not?

No, she is not dating anyone at that moment. As far as the relationship between Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith is concerned, nothing much has been confirmed about their dating status other than the fact that they just hooked up with each other.


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