Is Behati Prinsloo Pregnant?

While clicking open this article, you all were probably thinking that is it actually a true fact? Is the famous model Behati Prinsloo pregnant? Well, folks, to give an answer to your pertaining question, yes, it is true, y’all – Adam Levine’s wife, Behati Prinsloo, is indeed pregnant, and they are expecting their third child!

Who does not know about the Namibian Victoria’s Secret model and the Maroon 5 frontman’s wife, Behati Prinsloo? Not only does her amazing work as a model allow her to swiftly make her way into the hearts of her fans, but her cute relationship with her husband, Adam Levine, also makes us swoon over the lovely bond that they have been cherishing over the years.

Started out, as Behati Prinsloo describes it herself, as “love at first sight” when they first met in Los Angeles in 2012 and not to mention the time when the singer, Adam Levine, happened to recall how his “famous last words” were that he will “never get married,” till he met the love of his life and his now wife. Subsequently entailing that everything changes when “you meet someone that makes you want to marry them” – more or less, it seems like a plot of a potential rom-com in the making to all of you out there, doesn’t it?

Agree with it or not, their love story is clearly out of a romantic movie and looking at it now, they have a whole family together with two kids, while the third one is apparently on the way – a happily ever after indeed.

Seeing that their decade-long relationship is still going strong to this day says a lot that they were made for each other! Curious to know more about them? Do not worry! We have dug up all the details that you need to know about the couple’s new beginning and Behati Prinsloo’s third pregnancy.

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Is Behati Prinsloo Pregnant Again – Announcement of their Third Pregnancy?

Adam Levin and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, are soon going to welcome their third baby together, folks:

  • It was first reported by PEOPLE magazine on September 6, 2022, that Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo is pregnant.

The couple, who were already parents to their two daughters, Dusty Rose (5) and Gio Grace (4), drove fans to a frenzy when Behati Prinsloo’s pictures were leaked:

  • Seeing that her baby bump was quite visibly showing on those pictures that were taken during their time spent on the Santa Barbara beach.
  • The said model in question was sporting a blue floral print and black flip-flops while enjoying their lunch with her husband and daughters over the weekend.
Is Behati Prinsloo Pregnant Again - Announcement of their Third Pregnancy?
Is Behati Prinsloo Pregnant Again – Announcement of their Third Pregnancy?

Not only that, 

  • Two weeks after her pregnancy announcement, she happens to share a cute picture of herself and her growing baby bump on her Instagram account. 
  • She was seen posing in the reflection of a window while adorning a graphic t-shirt and white cargo pants.
  • It was the first time that she went online about her third pregnancy and showcased her pregnancy glow to the world.

However, she did bare her baby bump during her vacation with her family in Hawaii before, but at that time, the news about Behati Prinsloo being pregnant or not was confirmed.

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The Couple Always Wanted a Big Family?

Throughout their years of togetherness, we have heard from both the musician Adam Levine and the model Behati Prinsloo about them wanting a big family – hinting more than once that they would love to have more than just two children.

When the forty-three year old singer and his wife were expecting their first baby in the year 2016, but the news was not out to the public yet:

  • We got to know from the father-to-be in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM that he totally wants to be a dad and is ready to be one.
  • He shares that both the duo wish to start a family as soon as possible, gushing that they are “definitely going to do it.”
  • Going as far as to say that he “wants to have 100 kids” to highlight his enthusiasm about the idea of him being a father.
  • Further adding that he “wants to have more kids than would be socially responsible.”

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While on the other hand, Bahiti Prinsloo happens to disclose on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that there have been talks between the duo about further growing their family:

  • The Namibian supermodel reveals that she wishes to have more kids with her husband, Adam Levine.
  • Although, she does mention that the two are not on the same page when it comes to how many the children they actually want.

She tells Ellen DeGeneres (who is also her husband’s close friend and even named their first daughter) that: 

“Adam wants five, and I thought I wanted five, but now I think maybe, like, three or four.”

In the end, she concludes that her husband, “Adam, can’t have everything” as she is the one who would be “carrying them.”

Rumours About Them Having Baby No. 3 Start Surfacing in 2020?

Did you know that there are rumours circulating around the internet about Behati Prinsloo expecting a baby number 3 is on the way – asking questions like, is Behati Prinsloo pregnant or not?

However, at that time, it was just an assumption as the Maroon 5 frontman clarified on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show that:

  • His wife is not “currently pregnant,” and the rumours about her third pregnancy are false.
  • He further adds that he thinks that if he happens to ask her

“to have another baby right now, she will punch me in the f**king face, because she’s not ready.”

  • Concluding that at that moment, “we’re good. We’ve got two kids.” 

Although, this does not in any way mean that they did not want to have more children but were waiting for the right time, seeing that the rumours turned true in 2022.

Behati Prinsloo Pregnant – Baby Talks Returns?

The baby talk once again returns as Behati Prinsloo sheds light in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in November 2021 that they might be thinking about the possibility of expanding their family now:

  • Considering that she shares with the outlet that they “always knew [they] wanted a second one.”
  • However, in those two consecutive years, “when [she] had two babies under the age of 2, [she] was just like, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ But I do also want five kids, but don’t even think about it.”
  • Ultimately coming to a decision that, 

“You know what, never say never. We want a big family, who knows? We’re leaving it up to fate and just what happens. What will happen, will happen. So there’s no limits to it.”

Behati Prinsloo Pregnant - Baby Talks Returns?
Behati Prinsloo Pregnant – Baby Talks Returns?

Prinsloo elaborates that she was suddenly feeling this urge to expand their family because of the circumstance they were in their life and with COVID too. So,

  • When she was seeing her two daughters together, she thought, “maybe we should have a third just to have more kids.”
  • As it appears to be so heartwarming and “so sweet to see [them together]. But then I don’t know. Never say never.”

Well, good thing that she remembered her motto “never say never” as she got what she desired – baby no. Three on the way! 

Thus, putting an end to the conundrum is the supermodel Behati Prinsloo pregnant, or is she not? 

As Behati Prinsloo is very much pregnant.


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