Who is Peyton List Dating Now?

The Cobra Kai star received widespread attention and appreciation for her role in the Netflix drama series. However, more attention also leads to a greater public interest in their personal lives. A major question that fans seem to be asking is: Who is Peyton List Dating? 

Although the actress is an open book when it comes to her professional life, she chooses to keep her personal life away from media attention. We have listed one of her public relationship and other relationships that the ex-Disney channel star has had!

Who is Peyton List Dating? – Peyton List Dating History

Currently, Peyton List is in a relationship with her co-star Jacob Bertrand, who plays Ei “Hawk” Moskowitz in Cobra Kai. Before getting into further details about the adorable pair’s relationship, let us take a quick look at her dating history. 

Peyton List Dating History
Peyton List Dating History

From 2017 to 2019, Peyton dated Cameron Monaghan, the star of “Shameless.” The pair dated for almost two years. During this time, they posted numerous adorable pictures together on social media. The list even talked about how “understanding” her boyfriend was. However, just a few months later, in January 2019, the pair called it quits. 

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Peyton and Jacob’s Relationship Timeline

Even though Peyton and Jacob confirmed their relationship status in 2022, the two have been close for many years. They met back in 2015 while filming together for the Disney Channel original movie, The Swap. Jacob and Peyton made multiple public appearances in 2016 to promote this film. However, they were simply friends at this time. 

In 2018, Jacob also attended the premiere of “The Anthem of a Teenage Prophet.” At this time, Peyton was dating her co-star and then-boyfriend, Cameron Monaghan. Regardless, Bertrand made sure to always show up in support of his friend. 

Peyton and Jacob’s Relationship Timeline
Peyton and Jacob’s Relationship Timeline

The same year, Peyton joined the cast of Cobra Kai Season 2. This further strengthened their bond and drew the pair closer together. Furthermore, in October 2020, Peyton and Jacob even worked on a short film with each other. Bertrand shared a picture of the two on sets for this short film, titled “Oh Mighty Ocean.” The movie was released on Youtube in May 2022.

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Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand Make Their Relationship Official

Ever since the two started working on Cobra Kai together, they seemed to show up on each other’s social media quite often. From celebrating each other’s birthdays, year after year, to going out with each other, the two always seemed to show up for the other person. Jacob even publicly lent out support for Peyton’s cosmetic line.

In 2021, List shared a TikTok video mentioning that Jacob’s character, Hawk, was her favourite character. This sent Cobra Kai fans into a frenzy and led to many speculating that the pair are dating. Many fans commented on the TikTok video and tweeted about their potential romance.

Nevertheless, the two never confirmed their relationship status. Fans were still curious to know Who is Peyton List is Dating. On March 7th, 2022, Peyton posted an adorable picture with Jacob, wishing him a happy birthday. This ignited further speculations, but still no confirmation on March 13th, 2022. Peyton and Jacob attended the Critics’ Choice Awards together. They still did not give any official confirmation at this point about their romance. Nonetheless, this appearance was the couple’s way of subtly letting their fans know about their relationship.

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For any fans that were still on the fence about Bertrand and List’s relationship, on March 22nd, 2022, Bertrand confirmed his relationship status to TMZ. Bertrand told TMZ that they had been dating for a while. Although many fans knew about their relationship, this verbal confirmation from Bertrand made their fans extremely happy. 

After six months of confirming their relationship, the two still seem to be going strong. Luckily for them, the fans give the pair their space and are happy with the occasional Instagram post by the two. All those wanting to see more of Jacob and Peyton can tune in to Cobra Kai Season 5 on Netflix.


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