Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating? Who’s the Lucky One?

The Australian actress from New South Wales, Cleopatra Coleman, has caught the fans’ interest ever since she started gaining fame. But with popularity came questions like “who is Cleopatra Coleman dating?”, “is she married?” and many such queries about her personal life. As fans always want to know a little more about the star’s real-life updates, “who is Cleopatra Coleman dating” has become one of the trendiest searches recently.

Landing the major lead role in the TV series, Cleopatra Coleman fans have witnessed her slowly working her way amongst prominent industry figures through her talent. Moreover, the Infinity Pool star did portray the role of a married woman or someone who has a strong emotional bond with her partner many times. However, what is up with Cleopatra’s world these days? And who is Cleopatra Coleman dating in 2023? We know you are keen to find out if the actress has someone special in her life. So, keep reading!

Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating?

If you want to know who is Cleopatra Coleman dating, the actress is currently single and does not have a secret boyfriend. Cleo also didn’t post anything on her social media that might hint to the media or fans about her affairs. She is totally focused on building a flourishing professional life before putting that ring on her finger. So, it looks like just like Olivia Rodrigo, Cleopatra is also single.

Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating Who's the Lucky One
Who Is Cleopatra Coleman Dating Who’s the Lucky One

The news about who Cleopatra Coleman is dating has been in the limelight ever since she became a celebrity. She started acting as a teenager and debuted during the early 2000s. The Australian native got her breakout role as Zandie Brokow in the Australian sci-fi drama Silversun. But the highlight of her career was yet to come. Cleo got a chance to be in the huge film franchise, Step Up. She became famous overnight with 2012’s Step Up Revolution.

Her newfound success led her to become the lead of Fox’s The Last Man on Earth in 2015. With success, the actress saw how fans found more interest in knowing who is Cleopatra Coleman dating. But her professional life was on the rise, and Cleopatra was passionate about making it big. Her next project was with Netflix for In The Shadow Of The Moon, and her success was unstoppable. After that, the actress didn’t hold back from revealing “who is Cleopatra Coleman dating?” to the public.

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She had many public relationships, but the most famous one was with Canadian-born actor Avan Jogia that clarified fans’ doubts about who is Cleopatra Coleman dating. You may know Avan from Nickelodeon’s show Beck On Victorious. The show wrapped up in 2013, but even after that, Avan had involvement with many projects, including films such as Shaft, The Exchange, and Zombieland: Double Tap. Well, the couple did seem happy before calling it off.

When Did Cleopatra Coleman And Avan Jogia Break Up?

Finally, when the fans got to know about who is Cleopatra Coleman dating, they couldn’t stop admiring the couple. The pair has been in a relationship since 2017, and it seems like they will stay together forever. Moreover, their first public debut was at the 2017 pre-Emmys party.

Avan and Cleopatra did walk on the red carpet, and the former couple was beaming with love. As a matter of fact, Cleopatra also attended as Avan’s plus-one for the Zombieland premiere. The cute couple recreated the iconic red-carpet appearance of Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie for the Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 premiere. Cleopatra and Avan definitely nailed it and gave peace to anyone thinking about who is Cleopatra Coleman dating. The actress even had a fake tattoo to replicate Angelina’s arm tattoo that she had for her husband.

When Did Cleopatra Coleman And Avan Jogia Break Up
When Did Cleopatra Coleman And Avan Jogia Break Up

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However, the queries about who is Cleopatra Coleman dating were again in the limelight after the couple separated in 2021. In 2020, an Avan TikTok fan account shared a slideshow of his time with Cleopatra and the duo’s social media moments. The video had the song Noah Cyrus’s July playing in the background. New information about who is Cleopatra Coleman dating started circulating after a user commented about the pair’s breakup in that video. The fan account revealed that the former lovers have now unfollowed each other. So, this was a sign indicating issues in the relationship.

Well, Avan and Cleopatra never confirmed or denied the news to date, but it is evident that the couple is no longer together. They continued with social media posting, but the posts as a couple were removed.

Currently, if you are curious about who Cleopatra Coleman is dating, you must patiently wait for further updates. We hope to get the answer soon!



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