DJ Mustard Divorce: Inside the Split of the Music Producer and his Wife

The news of DJ Mustard’s divorce has been making rounds all around social media. Many people are shocked upon hearing the news of DJ Mustard’s divorce. More so because he and his wife have been together for so long. People are also curious about why DJ Mustard got divorced and what caused the marriage to break apart after just one and a half years.

DJ Mustard Divorce Inside the Split of the Music Producer and his Wife

DJ Mustard Divorce

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DJ Mustard divorce: the pair announced that they were filing for divorce. The couple cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation. Mustard also asks for shared custody of their three children in the lawsuit. The story between Chanel and Mustard sounded like any other fairytale to all the others. This is the reason why this separation has come as such a shock to everyone. The pair have dated since high school and have been together for more than 12 years.

Reason for DJ Mustard’s Divorce

Neither of the two has shared any details on the reason for their split with the public or the media in any way. This lack of statement made some people on the internet assume that this was because either one of the two sides may have cheated and gotten caught. These rumors, however, were debunked by DJ Mustard himself when he spoke out against these stories that were brewing up. The couple had also just recently mentioned something about the divorce.

However, from what we know, the reason the two cited for divorce in their paperwork is “irreconcilable differences.”

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From the stories posted by Chanel, differences were not the only thing holding back their relationship from progressing. 

Statement from Chanel Theirry on DJ Mustard’s Divorce

Chanel published several stories on her Instagram account to shed light on her and DJ Mustard’s divorce. She thanked the fans for the constant support that she has received from their end. Moreover, she highlighted her gratitude for everything, especially the love the fans have given to her to date.

Chanel clearly states that the split from her high school sweetheart is heartbreaking, regardless of their differences. The two have known each other for a long time and are parents to three children ranging from ages two to ten. However, she also highlights in her Instagram stories that she is grateful that she got out of the relationship. Moreover, she emphasizes that separation was needed and will do good for her.

She also gave an insight into what had happened during all that time when the paperwork was involved and while the whole issue was going on. Furthermore, from her stories, it was apparent that she would love to be with her kids and have their custody to raise them herself.

Statement from DJ Mustard on his divorce

Other than trying to debunk the cheating rumors and clear them out, he also said a few words about the whole DJ Mustard divorce situation. In his statement, he also asked the fans to respect their privacy since this was a family matter, and he would like to keep it that way. Furthermore, he acknowledges that the long history in which he and Chanel have held a lot of value is why the split is so challenging to go through and process. He asks the public to consider his kids and the impact the negative media and press coverage will have on them.

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