Why Did Elvis And Priscilla Divorce?

What was the reason behind the infamous “Elvis And Priscilla divorce”? The classic love story of a young girl and a music icon falling in love, even after Elvis And Priscilla parted ways, they were tied together by fate. Rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley couldn’t stop thinking about Priscilla ever since they met. Elvis was the heartthrob of every woman but he had his eyes only on Priscilla. Their love story became tabloid’s favourites and why not? The couple couldn’t stay away from each other at all. From Priscilla going against family to be with Presley to them eloping to marry, this fairy-tale love story saw many ups and downs. But what is more surprising is that the couple ended on a bad note but still continued to stay in contact for the sake of their child and love.

Though all details about their relationship were extremely public, fans even to this day try to figure out why Elvis And Priscilla’s divorce occurred in the first place. There was much different news surrounding their split but which one is the truth?

Why Did Elvis And Priscilla Divorce?

Why Did Elvis And Priscilla Divorce?

Elvis And Priscilla’s divorce happened on 9th October 1973 because the king of rock-n-roll cheated on her with several women. The couple were staying separately from 23rd February 1972 and after a few months of legal trouble, their divorce was finalized. Priscilla later began an affair with her karate teacher, Mike Stone. After the divorce, they were maintaining a healthy relationship and wanted to co-parent well for their daughter, Lisa Presley.

But there were drifts since Elvis used to drunk call Priscilla and was always looking for her attention. He couldn’t stand Priscilla having a love affair with anyone other than him. Recently, Lisa Marie Presley’s cause of death did surprise the fans but it was nowhere close to the shockwave that the death of Elvis Presley created. Elvis died of cardiac arrest when he was only 42 at the time of his death.

When Did Elvis and Priscilla First Meet?

No one ever thought that Elvis And Priscilla’s divorce would ever be a thing since they looked so perfect with each other. The singer’s first meeting with Priscilla was back in 1959 in Germany when his ladylove was in the ninth grade. It was Curie who introduced Priscilla during a party in Elvis’s house. The 14-year-old Priscilla was just like any other woman who had a huge crush on the legendary singer. Elvis was 24 years old at that time but the instant attraction couldn’t be unseen.

Moreover, the singer found a confidant in Priscilla and during their third meeting, they had their first kiss. When Presley left for Los Angeles after his Germany stay, Priscilla was in pain. She didn’t eat, sleep or move on in her life.

After a lot of back-and-forths, Priscilla finally moved into Elvis’s Graceland mansion. Even during the initial stages of their relationship, rumours were there that Priscilla knew about Elvis’s multiple affairs. But that never led to a breakup. They were deeply in love and it was evident in spite of all the cheating scandals.

When Did Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley Get Married?

When Elvis proposed to Priscilla with a 3.5-carat diamond ring during Christmas, no one ever thought that Elvis And Priscilla’s divorce will be a piece of real news ever. He went down on his knees to propose to his lover in 1966 and of course, it was a yes. Elvis And Priscilla had ten years of age gap, but then they eloped to get married privately on 1st May 1967 at Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas. The eight-minute wedding was a shocker for all. Priscilla was 21 years old and the wedding had only a few of their closest friends. There was a grand celebration later and the couple had their honeymoon in Palm Springs.

Just in a matter of nine months, Priscilla conceived and even then, they never imagined that Elvis And Priscilla’s divorce would take over the headlines soon. After Lisa Marie Presley brought joy into their lives on 1st February 1967, the couple were looking forward to expanding their family.

But more and more infidelity news started coming in and Priscilla had enough of it. She later had affairs with different men as well before finally calling off the relationship. The Presley family fans were not having it and they prayed for the couple to stay together. But that didn’t happen!

It has been years since the Elvis And Priscilla divorce happened but their love story is still what is close to fans’ hearts. The only heir of Elvis’s massive empire, Lisa had an untimely death in 2023 putting a closure to the legacy that was built so meticulously. We hope that they are now at peace wherever they are!



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