When Does Disenchanted Come Out? Release Date on Disney Plus

All the Enchanted fans are in for a treat, with Disenchanted just a month away. The first trailer of the movie was out in September 2022 at D23 Expo. Therefore, if you are wondering When Does Disenchanted Come Out, the answer is soon. The film will be out on Disney+. We do not have any teasers of the songs in the movie. However, we know that the movie will come with a significant twist. It is because Giselle will become the evil stepmother in the second installment of Disenchanted.

Disenchanted Plot

Before answering When, Does Disenchanted Come Out, let us have a look at the plot of the movie. To begin with, Giselle makes a wish for the world to become a fairytale. The motive behind the wish was to turn into a younger lady. However, things soon take a dark twist. In the hope of a fairytale, she becomes a stepmother. This is what Amy Adams told EW. We need to wait to know the entire plot of the movie.

Disenchanted Plot
Disenchanted Plot

Additionally, we know that Malvina Monroe is the local queen bee of Suburbia who makes the rules. She makes Giselle feel out of place. This frustrates Giselle as her happily ever after is nowhere near. To fight it, she takes the help of Andalasia’s magic. However, it accidentally transforms the entire town into a fairy tale. Strangely, it also puts all the happiness of her family in hot water.

Now Giselle is on a mission to reverse the spell. Along the way, she will also discover what happily ever after truly means to her and her family.

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When Does Disenchanted Come Out?

Let us now finally dive in to find the answer to When Does Disenchanted Come Out. The movie was supposed to be available on Disney+ on Thanksgiving. So, the day is November 24. However, for some unknown reason, the movie was pushed forward. Now the answer to the question of When Does Disenchanted Come Out is November 18. Please note that it will be out at 87 AM UK time, midnight PT and 3 AM in the US.

When Does Disenchanted Come Out?
When Does Disenchanted Come Out?

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Now that we know When Does Disenchanted Come Out, let us learn more about the trailer. The trailer of the movie was out in September 2022. It tells us what we can expect from the upcoming movie. To begin with, Giselle and Robert move to the Monroeville suburb. They continue to live happily. However, soon Giselle starts facing difficulties. She then wishes the world to become a fairytale. However, it is a different sort of fairytale.

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Disenchanted Cast

In Disenchanted, we can see Amy Adams as Giselle again. In fact, the decision was made a long time ago. However, she is not the only original cast returning for the sequel. The other original cast that the viewers can see in Disenchanted is:

  • Patrick Dempsey as Robert
  • James Marsden as Prince Edward
  • Idina Menzel as Nancy
Disenchanted Cast
Disenchanted Cast

Let us now shift our focus to the newcomers in the movie. Gabriella Baldacchino will now play the role of Morgan as Robert’s grown-up daughter. Other new cast in the movie are

  • Maya Rudolph as Malvina
  • Kolton Stewart las Malvinas son
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Rosalyn
  • Jayma Mays as Ruby
  • Oscar Nunez as Edgar
  • More About Malvina

Malvina will be the new villain in the movie. She is the main antagonist in Monroeville. She will be seen clashing with Giselle after she moves there.

Furthermore, Adam Shankman is directing the movie. Additionally, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz worked on the songs for the movie.

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Wrap Up

We hope now you have the answer to When Does Disenchanted Come Out? The movie will be out on November 18, 2023. If you haven’t watched Enchanted yet, you can watch it on Disney+. It will surely help you to understand the sequel better.

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