Warframe Tier List 2020: Know Who’s Best and Who’s Worst?

Warframe has got just perfect for keeping you hinged to your screens and not let go of this game. They have done this by forming many Warframes belonging to different tiers. Now, choosing the perfect frame from the Warframe Tier list is very straight forward to try out next can be overwhelming.

That’s why we have prepared an excellent Warframe Tier guide for you! This Warframe tier guide will not only tell you the names of the Warframes and the tier they belong to but also each Warframe’s undeniably impressive abilities. Let’s not waste any time and get to understanding each Warframe so that you can decide to choose from the tier list to start playing.

Warframe list 2020

S Tier Warframes – Prime Time:

This Warframes tier list has all spectacular and the best picks of the game. They enable you to win even the toughest of fights due to their amazing powers. This Warframe tier contains five Warframes which are mentioned below:

• Mesa (Prime)

This Warframe is the perfect gunfighter to trounce your enemies. When her ballistic battery power is activated, she will store damage caused by enemy guns. When the power is triggered again, she will channel the accumulated damage in her next gunshot that makes it deadly.

She also has an extraordinary power which is called Shooting Gallery, that will allow her to jam nearby enemy guns while equipping one of your team members with additional damage causing ability.

Mesa also has a Shatter Shield which creates a barrier around her that reflects incoming bullets at the enemies. Again, her Peacemaker ability will fire several shots at enemies in succession, allowing, you to take down several of them in one go.

• Saryn (Prime)

Her poison-filled attacks are sure to bring down any enemy to its knees. She can shoot out spores that deal viral damage to multiple enemies when they are destroyed. You can ruin the spores using Saryn’s toxic lash. She sheds her skin to create a decoy which gives her the benefit of a surprise attack. When her Miasma power is activated, she will spread lethal poisonous mist to destroy nearby enemies.

• Wisp

Wisp has a great many reservoirs that are packed with motes that have different abilities like increasing attack speed, advancing health, deal shock damage to enemies, etc. She can also shoot a WIL-O-WISP which confuses and distracts enemies. This power also gives you the ability to teleport your Warframe. Wisp can also summon an SOL GATE to destroy enemies using solar plasma. Moreover, she can also summon a dimensional breach and yield damage.

• Octavia

Octavia is a powerful Warframe. You can use Octavia’s Mallet to cause damage. You can combine it with Octavia’s Resonator (a rollerball that allures enemies to follow it) to create a rolling ball of sonic destruction. Octavia also has an AMP that takes power from surrounding sound and uses it to strengthen damage buffs inflicted by Octavia and her team members. It also causes damage and range of mallets to double if they are close enough. Moreover, she also has a metronome that equips her and her allies with buffs when they perform synchronised actions.

• Nova (Prime)

She has powerful Null Star, Molecular Prime and Antimatter drop abilities that cause massive damage to enemies using antimatter particles. She uses her wormhole to quickly transport herself to places.

A Tier Warframes:

This Warframe tier contains the second-best Warframes in the game, which are just a little less potent than the ones mentioned in the previous category. However, they can still be used to deal massive damage and win challenging fights. This Warframe tier list contains approximately 11 Warframes, let have a look.

• Warframe Inaros

By summoning a dust and sand storm, Inaros will pull in and destroy his enemies. His Scarab Swarm provides hardened armour at the expense of health. Use his desiccation and devour ability to destroy enemies using quicksand.

• Warframe Harrow

Harrow uses her energy to protect her allies and destroy enemies using one of her two powers; thurible and condemn. You can also use her Penance ability to boost reload speed and fire rate at the expense of decreasing her shields. 

• Warframe Nezha

Use his Fire Walker, Blazing Chakram and Warding Halo powers to deal damage to enemies using fire and increase your health. You can also impale enemies using spears when using this Warframe.

• Warframe Equinox

She enables you to switch forms. The first form (night form) has more shields and abilities while the other form (day form) has additional damage and speed. Choose the form based on your enemies powers. Use her rest and rage ability to make enemies sleepy when using the night time form or make them more vulnerable to attack in the day time form. Another one of her great abilities is Mend and Maim.

In night form, this ability allows allies to heal when enemies are killed while in day time form; enemies are subjected to slashing force wave that leaves them bleeding and powerless. Not only this, but she has a pacify and provoke ability. This ability allows her to take less damage from enemies in night form and increases the power strength of her allies in the day form.

• Warframe Titania

Use any of titania’s four primary abilities to deal massive damage to enemies; Spellbind, Tribute, Lantern and Razorwing. Titania is a temptress who uses her powers to and bladed butterflies to deal massive damage to foes.

• Warframe Khora

Another powerful huntress, Khora, uses whiplash, claws, and serrated steel to destroy her enemies. Her whip law will send her whip flying as far as 10m, dealing 300 damage to any enemy in its path. On the other hand, when you cast Ensnare, her whip passes as far as 30 meters. The whip will wrap around anyone enemy and hold it in place for 15 seconds. Venari, her trusted pet, attacks enemies and protects and heals Khora. Khora will also arrange her chains into dome form that trap and yield damage to enemies within a 10 m radius.

• Warframe Ivara

The Warframe Ivara acts as a navigator. It does this by controlling a projectile and guiding it towards the enemies. Another ability of this Warframe is a quiver. Ivara can become invisible. This superpower will allow you to steal from enemies and also kill them. It can also use Artemis bow to shoot lots of arrows.

• Warframe Nidus

This Warframe is the king of resilience and can basically be not killed if you know how to synchronise his skills with one another.

• Warframe Trinity

Create a Well of Life using this Warframe to help your team members regain their health or use the Energy Vampire to grant them extra energy. Trinity also has the power to reflect damage back to enemies using the Linkability.

• Warframe Volt

Volt allows you to take down enemies at a fast rate. He shoots out shocking projectiles to deal damage to enemies. Use his speed and electric shield to increase movement and armour, respectively. Volt also has an ability called discharge that paralyses enemies momentarily with damaging electric charge.

• Warframe Rhino

He will charge forward, trampling all enemies in his path while being immune to inflicted damage. Also, use his iron skin for additional protection and health regeneration. Use his roar or stomp abilities to deal massive damage to all enemies in range.

Warframes Tier B:

These Warframes are pretty decent, but cant used to battle all enemies. Make sure you know what your enemies strengths and weaknesses are before selecting a Warframe from this category. You will also need some time and resources to build these units to their max capacity. The list contains five Warframes which are mentioned below.

• Warframe Tier B Member: Hildryn

Warframe Hildryn

Hildryn has many abilities. One of its capabilities includes an impressive shield wall that does not allow any damage to pass through it. This Warframe will also shoot bolts of fire and will also create a shield around its allies. Anyone that will try and approach these allies will have to have to deal with some severe damage. Moreover, it will damage the enemies by blasting them into the air. The outcome of this would be the formation of an energy orb. Once this energy will be drained out, the enemies will be smashed to the ground.

• Warframe Tier B Member: Loki

Loki can become invisible and also create holographs of himself. Both these abilities make it a powerful Warframe. It can also switch places with an enemy via its teleporting ability. On top of this, Loki destroys the enemy’s weapons through a wave of energy. Since the enemies will get disarmed, they will be forced to turn towards melee combat only.

•Warframe Tier B Member: Ash

Through this Warframe, you can shoot Shuriken, which is a spinning blade that will cause pain and lots of damage to enemies. It can also throw a couple of smoke bombs. This smoke bombs will hinder the enemies’ sight and give ash a chance to act fast against them. Ash also has the ability to teleport close to his enemies catching them by surprise. He can then easily finish them.

• Warframe B Tier Member: Valkyr

Uses her hook to pull enemies towards herself and kill them. She also lets out a Battlecry that increases the melee speed of allies and slows down enemies. Valkyr unleashes her shield to deal massive damage to enemies. She also has the power of Hysteria in which she becomes full of rage and unleashes a torrent of lethal claw attacks on enemies.

• Warframe Tier B Member: Excalibur

Use the holy blade to slash enemies when using Excalibur or activate the Radial Blind power to emit blinding light, making it easier to deal with damage to enemies. He can also shoot out Javelins at enemies, destroying them immediately.

• Warframe Tier B Member: Revenant

revenant warframe

The Revenant can crouch and walk faster than most other Warframes and also quickly climb up walls. This ability allows him to run away from enemies undetected quickly. Use his silence ability to deal damage to enemies. His death totem gives allies an extra life. However, he takes up to 5% additional damage from enemies.

Warframes Tier C:

This Warframe tier list includes the basic Warframes that can’t be used to fight high difficulty missions.

• Warframe Tier C Member: Banshee

Use her sonic boom to send out damage yielding shockwaves. She also has a sonar that brings forth each enemies weak points, so you know just where to attack them. Banshee’s sound quake and silence are two other abilities which when cast yield damage to attackers.

• Warframe Tier C Member: Atlas

Use his Landslides to deal explosive punches to opponents. His tectonics will summon rock walls that shoot out rocks at enemies upon activation. Atlas also can petrify his enemies and bring forth two stone brawlers to the melee. Atlas’s paramount ability is to punch things, and that is how he attacks his enemies.

Warframes Tier D:

Avoid using these Warframes as they have a few glaring flaws, and you also get minimal rewards for investing in them.

• Warframe Tier D List: Zephyr

Zephyr can hover in the air using her Tail Wind ability and attack players. Her airburst sends out lethal air that causes explosions on contact. Zephyr also damages her enemies by summoning tornadoes and casts Turbulence to create a windshield around herself. However, her tornadoes move slowly, and turbulence usually disorients vision, so try to avoid using her against powerful enemies. Zephyr can also absorb all incoming damage and manifest it into an explosive radial discharge. However, she lacks base armour, so she loses health rapidly.

• Warframe Tier D List: Nyx

Nyx uses Mind Control to confuse enemies and attack unsuspecting enemies. However, she can only use this ability on one enemy at a time. Use Psychic Bolts and Chaos to send out damage yielding psychic bolts. The chaos ability also makes enemies start attacking each other, so this is her best power. However, enemies will now begin to hiding which can be quite stressful for players. Let us know which Warframe did you opt for and why. We cant wait to hear your opinion.


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