Warframe Hildryn- A Warframe You Should Get Your Hands-on

Hildryn is one of the latest Warframes that became available after the Buried Debts update. The powerful Warframe Hildryn can use the shields to withdraw power and quickly take down the enemies. She can burn her enemies by shooting out the fire or destroying them with Balefire Rockets.

How to get Warframe Hildryn?

Getting Warframe Hildryn can be a little tricky. So, we’ve decided to break down the process of farming her for you. Keep on reading to find out how to get all blueprints of Warframe Hildryn quickly.

Firstly, you need to obtain the rank of Old Mate (the highest one) with Solaris United. You can do this by mining for rare minerals in the mineral veins. Furthermore, you can also do this by completing bounties to increase standing.

After this, you will need to get the Agent rank with Vox Solaris by collecting toroids. You can get them from enemy drops in the Spaceport, Enrichment Labs, etc. Alternatively, you can repeatedly kill the Profit-Taker Orb to get Toroids.

Warframe Hildryn- A Warframe You Should Get Your Hands-on

Once you have reached the required rank, simply go to Fortuna. Next, visit the Little Duck and buy Hildryn’s initial blueprint from her for 5000 standing.

The remaining three blueprints, i.e. Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics can be obtained from the Exploiter Orb drops. The Exploiter Orb will be available in the second part of the Buried Debts update. 

Upon defeating the Exploiter Orb, there is approximately a 40% chance of getting a Chassis and Neuroptics blueprint and only a 20% chance of getting the Systems blueprint. You’ll find it difficult to defeat her in the first fight, but hopefully, you’ll find the second one much more comfortable. 

Mostly, it takes 6-8 runs to get all the three blueprints finally. Additionally, you will also need Six Lazulite Toroids that are dropped by the Exploiter Orb. These are essential in the building of Warframe Hildryn.

How to Build Hildryn?

After you have the three blueprints, go to the factory and use the following resources to build Hildryn: 70000 credits, 2300 Rubedo, 1600 Circuits, 1500 Plastids, 95 Gorgaricus Spores, 90 Thermal Sludge, 85 Mytocardia Spores, three Orokin Cell, two Nitain Extracts, two Terllerium, one Argon Crystal and six Lazulite Toroids.  Finally, you will have Warframe Hildryn.

Although getting Warframe Hildryn requires long hours of grinding, but she is definitely worth it! Warframe Hildryn is one of the most powerful Warframes in the game (along with Octavia) that you must get your hands on as soon as possible. 


Rahis Saifi
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