How to get Revenant Warframe?

In the search for a cool new Warframe, just like Octavia? But the new frame must have the ability to protect himself while dealing considerable damage to enemies? Well, look no more because Revenant Warframe is here to complete your search.

More about Revenant Warframe

Revenant is a powerful Warframe with sentient energy that destroys the enemies quickly. He keeps himself safe by using Mesmer Skin that bounces damage back to enemies. He also protects himself by looting health and shielding from enemies. Moreover, this might be the Warframe that harnesses the power of Eidolon converts his foes into Thralls and uses his Danse Macabre ability to generate explosive beams to create damage.

revenant warframe

The process to get Revenant

First hands first, now to farm Revenant Warframe, you need his blueprints. You can get the designs by completing the Mask of the Revenant Quest. Before you access this quest, you need to achieve the Observer’s rank with the Quills. 

To reach the Observer’s rank, you should collect enough Sentient Cores present in Eidolons and Vomvalysts drops. You can get these drops on the Plains of Eidolon and Quill Onnko at Cetus. The next thing you need to do is hand the Sentient Cores for standing. 

Once you get the desired rank, you will need to visit Nakak who is in Cetus to know about the mask. She will offer you the Mask for one Cetus Wisp. After this, you need to put it on to start your quest. 

Nakak will give you clear cut instructions that you need to follow to complete the Revenant Warframe Quest simply. On its completion, you will get the main blueprints.

Now let’s comes the next part; getting the component blueprints. You will again need to go to Cetus for them. Here, you will get the blueprints from the bounties offered by the Ostron Konzu. These blueprints include the Chassis, Systems and Neuroptics blueprints. Which you can collect from different bounty drops. 

You can find Konzu close to the Eidolon Gates. Talk to him to get bounties or interact with the Eidolon stations. Simply check the available prizes and the respective reward each award offers. However, you will need to grind the bonuses a little to get your desired rewards as the odds, sometimes, things might not be in your favour. The enemies in the bounty missions are quite stiff, so make sure you have a strong Warframe or a powerful team.

How to Get Revenant Warframe System Blueprint?

  • To get the Systems blueprint (uncommon reward), you will need to complete bounties of levels 20-40. 
  • To get the Chassis Blueprint (uncommon reward), complete the level 30-50 bounties.
  • Lastly, to get your hands on the Neuroptics Blueprint (rare reward), you will need to complete bounties ranging from level 40-60.

Furthermore, simply build the components in your factory. You will need the following resources:

  • Neuroptics component: 15,000 Credits, 3 Neural Sensors, 15 Intact Sentinent Cores, 6000 Polymer Bundles, and 2200 Rubedos.
  • Chassis Component: 15,000 Credits, 3 Morphic, 10 Intact Sentient Cores, 1500 Rubedos and 50 Iradites.
  • Systems Component: 15000 credits, 3 Control Modules, 3 Cetus Wisps, 8000 Salvages and 3000 Polymer Bundles. 

All the components will take 12 hours to build. 

Upon getting all three components, you can finally build the Revenant Warframe. This process will take another 72 hours to complete.


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