Trollstopia Season 7 Renewed or Cancelled?

Trollstopia is the gift that just keeps on giving. After a fairly successful sixth season, fans now restlessly await the release of Trollstopia Season 7. The animated television series comes under the banner of DreamWorks Animation. Trollstopia is based on the popular animated movie, Trolls and Trolls World Tour. 

Similar to the movies, Trollstopia is set in the land of Trolls. This is a magical yet bizarre fantasy world where all the Trolls live together. They are divided into various groups, such as the Pop Trolls, the Hard Rock Trolls, the Funk Trolls, etc. These adorable little creatures spend their days working together as a community and making music. 

The series released its pilot season on 19th November 2020, providing its viewers with a nice light-hearted escape from the stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed by Matthew Beans, Hannah Friedman, and Sam Friedman, it currently has a 5.5 out of 10 IMDb rating. While the rating may not be too impressive, the series became quite popular among children and young teens.

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Furthermore, the team ensured the viewers were beyond satisfied by releasing season after season. In less than a year, Trollstopia has six released installments, with a 7th one right around the corner. This back-to-back schedule provided its fans with the perfect opportunity to binge-watch. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming season. 

Trollstopia Season 7 Cast

A large part of any show’s success is its cast, and Trollstopia is no different. Multiple talented actors and actresses constitute the voice cast for this happy-go-lucky animated series. Similar to its previous installments, the same voice cast will continue their roles into Trollstopia Season 7:

Trollstopia Season 7 Cast
Trollstopia Season 7 Cast
  • Amanda Leighton as Queen Poppy, the queen of the Pop Trolls that invented the Trollstopia experiment. Her lovable and cheerful nature makes her quite popular amongst her people. 
  • Skylar Astin as Branch, Poppy’s boyfriend. Astin is a survivalist PopTrolls who means well but is a little too fearful of everything. 
  • Megan Hilty as Holly Darlin’. Holly lives in Country Corral and is the ambassador for the Country Western Trolls.
  • Lauren Mayhew as Val Thundershock. Val lives in Rock Hollow and is the Hard Rock Trolls’ ambassador. 
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Lownote Jones. Low note lives in Vibe Town and is the ambassador for the Funk Trolls. 
  • JP Karliak as Dante Crescendo. Dante lives in Classical Crest and is the ambassador for the Classical Trolls; moreover, he is also the royal composer for the Trolls. 
  • Vladimir Caamano as Synth. Synth lives in Techno Lagoon and is the ambassador for the Techno Trolls. 
  • Eric Lopez as Gust Tumbleweed. Gust is a Country Western Troll himself and is also the sheriff of Country Corral.
  • Charles DeWayne as Demo, Val’s band manager who is also a Hard Rock Troll.
  • Jeanine mason as Minuet Sonata. Minuet is Dante’s good friend and a Classical Troll that plays the violin beautifully.
  • Kat Graham as Rhythm and Blues. These twin trolls belong to the Funk Trolls. They are both inventors as well as scientists who are brewing some unique experiments.
  • Anita Kalathara as Laguna Tidepool. Laguna is a brilliant and sophisticated Techno Troll, also known as an “an-troll-pologist” (get it?).

Moreover, joining the main voice cast are multiple recurring characters as well. David Flynn voices Biggie and Mr. Dinkles and Fryda Wolff, DJ Suki, and the conjoined fashionista trolls Satin and Chenille. Ron Funches returns as Cooper, Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond, Kevin Michael Richardson as Smidge, and David Kaye as King Peppy (Poppy’s father). 

Release Date

Keeping in mind the constant low ratings for the series, fans were scared that season 6 may be the last for the show. Nonetheless, this apprehension was soon removed as the team confirmed the release of Trollstopia Season 7. The latest installment is closer than you think. Trollstopia Season 7 is set to release on 11th August 2022. Similar to its predecessors, it will release on both Peacock and Hulu. Further, the show will consist of 7 episodes, divided into 14 segments. 

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Unfortunately, fans must take this news with a grain of salt. While the seventh season is ready to release in less than a week, it is also the final season for the show. The animated series had a good run in the past two years. It proved to be an excellent distraction for the younger generation that found itself locked indoors during the pandemic, with little to do. However, all good things may come to an end, and the same goes for Trollstopia. We are hopeful that the seventh installment is going to be its best one yet. 

Trollstopia Season 7 Storyline

While most information regarding the upcoming installment is out, the storyline for Trollstopia Season 7 still remains a mystery. Nonetheless, we are hopeful that in the coming days, we will find out more information regarding its plot. 

Trollstopia Season 7 Storyline
Trollstopia Season 7 Storyline

Following the events of the Trolls World Tour, we see the various Troll tribes unite and move into the Troll Forest and unite in the Pop Village. They hope to live with each other here in peace and harmony. The Trollstopia project, started by Queen Poppy, still remains a work in progress. Numerous trials and errors happen on a daily basis as Poppy learns more and more about the various challenges that arise in her attempts to make the Trolls live peacefully together. The seventh installment is likely to further develop these challenges. Although, since this is the final season, we hopefully expect a happy ending where the Trollstopia experiment becomes a success. 

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Even with the upcoming season just a few days away, the trailer for Trollstopia Season 7 is yet to release. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that the final installment trailer is right around the corner. The team should release the trailer sometime within the next couple of days. This would give a nice sneak peek into what the seventh season has in store for its audiences. 



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