The Unicorn Season 3 Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Spoiler

The Unicorn season first premiered in 2019 and now the fans are wondering when Unicorn Season 3 will be airing? The television series belongs to the comedy, drama, family and romance genres. The Unicorn series revolves around a widower who is trying to move past his difficult year. He is now struggling in raising his two daughters and he is totally unprepared for this phase of his life. Also, things begin to change for him when he suddenly becomes a hot commodity in the dating world. Grady Cooper, Bill Martin and Mike Schiff are the creators of the show. The show has an IMDB rating of 7.2. Trill TV, Kapital Entertainment and Mike and Bill Productions are the production companies that are involved in the series. 

The Unicorn Season 3 Cast

The Unicorn Season 3 Cast
The Unicorn Season 3 Cast

If the casts of the first and second season returns for Unicorn Season 3, you can expect the following casts in it:

  • Walton Goggins as Wade Felton 
  • Rob Corddry as Forrest 
  • Omar Benson Miller as Ben 
  • Maya Lynne Robinson as Michelle
  • Ruby Jay as Grace Felton 
  • Makenzie Moss as Natalie Felton 
  • Michaela Watkins as Delia
  • Devin Bright as Noah 
  • Cleo Fraser as Addie 
  • Princess K. Mapp as Sahai 
  • Natalie Zea as Shannon 
  • Cindy Drummond as Cynthia 
  • Helen Hong as Emma 
  • Betsy Brandt as Caroline 
  • Boone Nelson as Bert 
  • David Sullivan as Doug 
  • Nicole Byer as Meg

Release Date

The first season of Unicorn premiered in 2019 and the second season aired in 2020. According to sources, Unicorn Season 3 will be out on 24th November 2022. However, this is not any kind of official announcement. It is just a speculated date according to the sources. 


As there is no official confirmation about the renewal of Season 3, the official trailer of it is not available yet. The trailer will be available once the filming of Unicorn Season 3 begins. However, at present, there is no official trailer for Unicorn Season 3. If there is a trailer available once the season renews, we will update this section with the updated information. 

The Unicorn Season 3 Plot 

Even though there is no official confirmation about Season 3, the plot of the season can be guessed. In the first season, the viewers saw a family fan who is suffering from the sadness of his death. Now that he is widowed, he is encouraged by his friends to start dating. The question that the first season asked was whether he will be able to find love again or not. The second season which housed 13 episodes stretched the first season and revolves around how Wade felt an instant connection with a woman, whom he accidentally met in a parking lot. In the second season, Wade goes out on a date and struggles with the living arrangement of her date. It is expected that the third season will forward this story.

The Unicorn Season 3 Plot 
The Unicorn Season 3 Plot

Unicorn is a popular sitcom that has aired for two seasons and 31 episodes. According to recent news, the series was cancelled after two seasons. Therefore, chances are high that there will be no Unicorn Season 3. Even though the rating of the first season of Unicorn was good, the rating for the second season dropped. In fact, the linear ratings of the second season had one of the lowest ratings on CBS. The finance of the series was managed by CBS Studios and Capital Entertainment in its deal with Netflix. An immense amount of effort went to ensure that the show continues and that Unicorn Season 3 happens. However, the significant budget savings was not impressive enough and as a result of that, CBS has opted out. Therefore, according to the current status, Unicorn Season 3 is cancelled and there is no potential release date for the same.

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